Welcome to the wonderful world of Manick Sorcar shows. A Manick Sorcar Show can range from a thematic art gallery, animation festival, a custom laser show to elaborate stage shows that are extravaganza of live dance-drama-magic in combination with laser animation & space spectacles! They could be independent or in group - each is designed to touch the soul for an everlasting memory:

Art Gallery of Manick Sorcar
A display of his art themed India


Selected art work of Manick Sorcar can be displayed at India-themed festivals, as a great many of his artwork are based on India and her culture. These can range from Harappa-Mohenjo Daro, Sun Temple, Ajanta Cave Arts, etc. to modern Indian life. Visit here for some samples. Ideally suitable for US school projects or Indian festivals.

Indian Animation Festival (2 hrs)
A showing of Sorcar's internationally award winning animations

Do you have a program dedicated to children? Customize it by showing award-winning animation films by Manick Sorcar. Produced in English (or subtitled in English) each of them takes the young audience to India and introduces to her culture. Recognized as 'Cultural bridge between East and West' at US schools, the films were nationally broadcast in India, and were telecast on the Rocky Mountain PBS stations for 25 years in a row as the year-end or New Year's Day special. These include "Deepa and Rupa", India's first full-length animation mixed with live action, a Gold-Plaque winner at the Chicago International Film Festival. Others are The Sage & the Mouse, Sniff, The Woodcutter's Daughter, and Rule of Twenty-One.

Custom Laser Shows (30-60 mins)
A combination of laser animation, laser beams and intelligent lighting

Sorcar's custom laser shows are a unique blend of 2-D or 3-D animated laser figures alongside spectacular laser light effects such as beams, over-head fanning, and tunnel with moving-head intelligent lighting. Over the last two decades, his company has designed laser shows to fit almost any venue and theme from art galleries, theaters, corporate special events to thematic parks and amphitheatres. These include "Feel Like a Kid" at the Pepsi Center, "Back to the Future" in Grand Junction convention center, and "LaserToons" at Nicco Park, Kolkata, India. In a larger scale, "Swamiji", an hour-long laser documentary on the life of the 19th Century monk Swami Vivekananda, swept the USA and India in dozens of cities three years in a row. You have a theme in mind for the next project? Let us know, we will build it for you!

Stage Shows - with Laser (30-90 mins)
An extravaganza of dance, drama, magic with laser

This is the most popular type of Manick Sorcar shows, which combines art with science in a most unique manner. An extravaganza of dance-drama-magic in combination with laser spectacles in space and life size laser animation, he is the creator of shows such as the "Enlightenment of Buddha", winner of the ILDA Artistic Award at Rimini, Italy, for the best use of laser in combination with live action on stage. His other productions are "Sorcarama", "Fantastic Laser World of Manick Sorcar" and many more that thrilled the audience at different cities, which can be found here.

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