Manick Sorcar's Stage Productions
An extravaganza of laser, animation, dance and magic

Whether it's a large Las Vegas class stage show, corporate program, or a cultural/diversity show... Sorcar has the flexibility of customizing a show that is right for your city, anywhere in the world. Sorcar's state-of-the-art multi-media productions are designed to dazzle and capture audiences of all ages and backgrounds. His shows have been compared to Broadway Productions and are an experience the whole family can enjoy.
Manick Sorcar Film Festival
A showing of Sorcar's internationally award winning animations

A showcase of international award winning animated programs for children of all ages to enjoy. The animations are based on Indian folk tales and were produced to teach children about the beauty of Eastern culture. Sorcar's productions have been shown at several film festivals around the world and have been shown on television in the U.S. for over a decade now. In his spare time, Sorcar often guest lectures at schools and universities around the United States about his special animation techniques and cultural harmony between the East and West.
Custom Laser Shows
A combination of laser animation, laser beams and intelligent lighting

Sorcar's custom laser shows are a unique blend of 2-D or 3-D animated laser figures along side spectacular laser light effects such as beams, over-head fanning, and tunnel effects with moving-head intelligent lighting. As an international award winning animator, Sorcar is able to custom design creative laser shows to fit any theme that may require complex animated laser figures along with various corporate logos and sponsor symbols. Over the past few years, his company has designed laser shows to fit almost any venue from art galleries, auditoriums, corporate special events to many others.
Laser Show with SorcarScope
Laser animation in combination with live action

Although Sorcar has been producing laser shows for many years now only recently has he developed a method of creating life size animated laser figures which interact with human actors on stage. Dancing with My Soul is the FIRST laser animation that runs simultaneously with live dancing on stage through the technique called “Sorcarscope”. The life size laser figure interacts with it’s human counterpart as they communicate and dance with each other through music. Since then he has created other items on similar techniques which continues to push the limits of this technology.
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