Manick Sorcar the Artist
"Artist Displays Wizardry at Foothills Art Center. Manick Sorcar, a lighting engineer and artist from Golden, specializes in feats that will astound. Taking on sleight of hand few would attempt the artist has created portraits of Asian and American newsmakers, using as his medium - newspapers!"

-The Transcript, Wheatridge, CO, USA

"Street Musicians" life size figures carved out of styrofoam
Manick Sorcar has a formidable array of artistic achievements, but all his aesthetic successes, all of his daring experiments with various art forms and media before the mid 1980s appear to have been steps culminating in path-breaking art. Sorcar cut his teeth on his father's stage. His father was the most famous magician that India ever produced. When his father's magic shows toured the world, young Manick Sorcar was responsible for the lighting, artwork, painting, and elaborate backdrops for all the shows, which eventually led him to become an artist and electrical engineer.
In USA, in his basement studio he perfected a dazzling variety of art forms: painting with water color and acrylic on bamboo, clay, fabric, and tiles; life size sculptures of styrofoam, newspaper collage portraits, spice paintings, two books of cartoons on the lives of Indian-Americans, several music cassettes of children's songs, critically acclaimed several art exhibitions. In many ways, Sorcar's animations represent the convergence of all these other artistic achievements.

After arriving in the United States following a scholarship to pursue his Master’s Degree in Washington, his interest and love for the arts flourished side by side his professional career as an Electrical Engineer. In the past few decades, he has had several art exhibitions throughout the United States and has been recognized as a very innovative artist.
Sorcar in front of a collage of his "NewsArt"
Here is Manick Sorcar's odysseys of the Art World...
In India: (Art Related Work in India)
  1954-68 Painting backdrops/Lighting effects in father's elaborate stage magic show
In USA (Art Exhibition in a variety of media & techniques)
  1971 "Refugee", University of Washington, Seattle, Washington
  1978 "Folk Arts of India" at Hill Jr. High School, Denver, Colorado
  1978 "Folk Arts of India" at Jefferson Library, Lakewood , Colorado
  1982 "Faces of India" at Thomas Jefferson High School, Denver, Colorado
  1996 "Images of India: Animation/Transformation" at Foothills Art Center, Golden, Colorado
  2000 "Images of India" at Denver Center for Performing Arts, Denver, Colorado
  2000 "Images of India" at Thomas Jefferson High School, Denver, Colorado
"Baby Ganesha" made out of grains and spices
Tile paintings of the icons of "Temple Khajuraha"

Sorcar uses a variety of media for painting as well as carving. One of his latest creations, which he calls NewsArt is a gallery of portraits of famous people with newspaper clippings. It could take him years to complete just one of these works of art as the entire portrait is made up of news clippings, from newspapers all over the world, about that person.

He created a portrait of Mahatma Gandhi (which he called “Our Gandhi”) made up of newspapers pieces of all sixteen official languages of India (Punjabi, Sindhi, Gujarati, Marathi, Kashmiri, Oriya, Bengai, Kannarees, Tamil, Malayalam, Telegu, Assamese, Urdu, Sanskrit, Hindi and English) signifying Gandhi’s power to bring about unity through his country. Similar pictures were created of Princess Diana, The Jackie and John Kennedy, Mother Teresa, Former Denver Mayor Wellington Web among many others. Each carrying a history that tells a story of their lives.

Over the years, Sorcar has produced a wide variety of unique arts, appealing equally to people of all ages. His first exhibition, in1970, was held in Seattle, Washington, which displayed many rural paintings of Bengal. At the time he was a university student and felt deeply for East Pakistan refugees who poured into India from the war-torn nation. Through the years he has had several art exhibitions displaying various forms of art.

The portrait of Mother Teresa was created with news clippings about her from Bengali newspapers and magazines of Calcutta
Peanut Paintings
Alongside the serious exhibits of "Refugees", "Folk Arts of India" etc., Sorcar introduced another kind of art which not only was astonishing, but also funny. He painted a portrait of President Carter on a peanut - half a peanut - to be precise!

HIs other work also included several other world leaders on peanuts and President Lincoln on a grain of rice.

The mischief of peanut portraits were the early signs of his eventual interest in animation. He realized he could combine comedy with his art to get a message across.
His latest exhibition was in Denver, Colorado titled Images of India: Transformations/Animations. This particular art show was chosen for the Critic’s Choice. A selection made out of 211 artists who displayed their work in 96 galleries. He continues to paint all the backgrounds on a large scale for the shows he directs that are currently touring the world.

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