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I see art in everything that I look at. Whether it be grains of food or Styrofoam sheets, I see them as the media for creating beautiful art. The digital revolution gave me the opportunity to mix art with science to create new evolutionarily works of art as well. My art palette contains traditional paint-colors to markers, spices, seeds, lentils, sand, newspaper pieces, to digital colors and lasers. With all these, I enjoy taking the ordinary and try to make it extraordinary.

I've been a self-taught artist ever since I was a kid, and the first major break came as a teenager, when my father (Late P.C. Sorcar, the renowned magician) allowed me to paint some of the magic equipment and background scenes of his world-touring magic shows. People loved them. One led to another, and soon my interest in painting grew simultaneously with an interest in lighting design, which was an essential part of the stage show that led me to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from IIT (BHU), Varanasi, India and a Master’s degree in electrical engineering from the University of Washington, Seattle, USA. After graduating I became a Lighting Engineer by day and a passionate artist of many forms by night, weekends & any time I could spare from engineering. Over the years, I had many art exhibitions including at the Foothills Art Center in Golden, Colorado when The Denver Post selected my newspaper art as the 'Art Show Pick' . The portrait of Mother Teresa was created with newspaper clippings about her imported from Calcutta, India and that of Wellington Webb, Mayor of Denver, with local newspaper clippings about the DIA construction that he inheritted from the previous administration and made it a highly successful international airport. Few years later, The Rocky Mountain News ran a large story, 'Eastern Star', on our newly-built house by lake Hyatt, designed by me. The story on the house with a flavor of Indian architecture and entirely decorated with my Indian art inspired 22 patrons, the curator and the president of Asian Art Association of the Denver Art Museum to visit our home. Unforgettable memories!

I have spent several years exploring the endless boundaries of art which span from human faces, historical works, nature replicas, modern art and Indian rural art - many that have been exhibited and sold in galleries. Some of my favorite pieces are displayed on this site (links on left) for your viewing pleasure. It's your support and love for my art that keeps me inspired to keep creating. Enjoy!

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