Laser Art can be of two types: 'Laser Art in still format' or 'Laser Shows'. This section deals with Laser Shows only. For Laser Art in still format please visit Still Art.


“Laser is one platform where I can mix art with science, particularly art with lighting, the two favorite subjects of mine - in a very unique and effective way. To me, a Laser Show is more than just beams dancing with music or illuminating a building. Properly applied, thematic animation created by it alone or mixed with live action, can convey a powerful message to a large number of people that not only lights up the eyes with the magical spectacles but also illuminates the soul”.

-Manick Sorcar


A scene from "Dancing with My Soul", performed at numerous locations across the world as a part of
Manick Sorcar's stage productions.

A scene from Westwood College Annual Celebration at Marriot Hotel, DTC, Denver, Colorado


Manick Sorcar’s laser shows in general are of two types: (1) Custom Laser Shows, (2) Stage Shows with Laser.

The first is strictly a stand-alone laser show, built on a theme with no live performance. The second is a stage show with live performance in combination with laser. Both utilizes artificial smoke or haze machines to enhance the 3-D effects in space and are preferred to be displayed indoors such as in a theater or a performing art center, where art, smoke and lighting can be controlled for best magical effect. For outdoors, the stage must have a roof in front of the large audience such as in amphitheaters. Both types utilize large screens, several laser projectors, intelligent lighting, etc., all furnished by Manick Sorcar Productions. More about these in "Book a Show" and by contacting Manick Sorcar Productions. Further details can be found in LaserLight Magic, a seperate website dedicated to Manick Sorcar's laser productions.

For your convenience, a list of his laser productions, small and large, and the images from his shows are below:




(Above) A scene from the "Enlightenment of Buddha" at the Denver Center for Performing Arts (DCPA), winner of the ILDA Artistic Award, given at Rimini, Italy, for best use of laser on stage with live action.

(Below) A scene from "Anythink Huron Public Library Grand Opening" at Thornton, Colorado.


"...The sheer virtuosity of the finished product is so impressive, that when watching the swift whirling of Sorcar's laser animation, the viewer forgets the painstaking months of computer programming, research, sketching, and technical organization that are behind Sorcar's magic"

-The Statesman, Kolkata, India





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