The Sage & The Mouse
Produced, Directed, Animated and Music by: Manick Sorcar
Basanti Studios
Adapted from the “Panchatantra”, the classic book of fables of India, The Sage and the Mouse (English) depicts the story of a helpless mouse who was empowered by a good sage. But the power eventually corrupts his character and nearly leads to a disaster in the forest.

Released in 1993, The Sage and the Mouse is a fully animated feature which has been broadcast in both India and the United States and is the winner of many International Film Festival Awards, including the Gold Medal at 1993 New York Festivals.

It is Sorcar’s first fully animated production using both traditional and computer animated techniques. He brings to it a comical edge for children of all ages to enjoy and cherish.

“Manick Sorcar carries on the creation of magic with a hi-tech edge”
- The Golden Transcript, USA

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