"In a head-to-head competition, Deepa & Rupa: A Fairy Tale From India topped the Children's Workshop's Sesame Street and Hanna Barbera's The Greatest Adventure at the New York International Film Festival."

-Rocky Mountain News, Denver, CO, USA

A Scene from Deepa and Rupa:
A Fairy Tale From India

Manick Sorcar
has been a world class animator and has won over a dozen international awards for his animated works. His love for animation all started as a simple idea to make learning fun for his two little daughters. He started drawing pictures to teach them about morals and values to follow in life. He wanted to be certain that his daughters did not forget their heritage while growing up in the United States. It was important to him that they maintained a balance between both cultures and that they created a strong foundation for their lives by incorporating lessons of the East and West. He was distraught to find that after starting school his daughters were on their way to forgetting how to speak their native tongue.
To teach them more about Indian culture and make learning fun for them he started writing songs which later led to animating various folktales that he heard as a young child from his grandmother in India. He soon discovered that many parents were struggling with the same cultural balance issues with their children. Sorcar knew that in order to communicate with children, one had to speak in their language.

Animation worked like magic! He decided then and there to create these videos not only so his children could learn about their own heritage but to also benefit children of the world and facilitate their understanding of the mysteries of the East. Little did he know that what started as a simple lesson plan for his children would soon lead him to be an internationally acclaimed award winning animator.
Sorcar at Basanti Studios
"Sorcar beats Sesame Street. P.C. Sorcar Super-junior, also called "Manick", noted for his animated films based on Indian folk tales and poems, creates [these] in his basement studio."

-The Statesman, Kolkata, India

Over the last two decades Sorcar has produced, directed, and animated several animations. His first animation "Two children's Songs from the East" - which actually carried two of his songs - eventually became a part of his first animation TV production "East-meets-West" at the American CableVision of Wheat Ridge, Colorado. Several years later he accumulated all songs written by him, animated them, and put into a video "Children's Songs From India", which became extremely popular among young children.
Inspired by the success of "East-meets-West", and its sequel "East-meets-West II", he then produced "Deepa & Rupa: A Fairy Tale from India", where he mixed live action with animation and received a host of prestigious awards from international film festivals against formidable rivals such as Children's Workshop's "Seasame Street" and Hanna Barbera's "The Greatest Adventure". This led to the series of other animations such as "The Sage and the Mouse", "Sniff", "The Woodcutter's Daughter", and "Rule of Twenty-one", which, too, won the hearts of all and brought a host of top awards from international film festivals.
What is most satisfying to Sorcar is that all his animations are based on children's stories from his native India, which are fun and educational, and through these he is able to communicate with children. In the midst of today's most TV shows which are filled with sex and violence, Sorcar's animations are a breath of fresh air making them extremely popular at elementary schools. Today, Sorcar is a frequent visitor to schools to make presentations of animations, take question and answer sessions, where teachers see him as a positive role model for young children.
His productions have been nationally broadcast in India and are shown yearly in the United States. This is the 13th year in a row, Sorcar’s animations will be telecast in USA during Christmas or New Year’s Day. Last year his animations were screened simultaneously in India and in the United States during the holidays. Although Sorcar’s daughters are grown up now, he still continues to animate for the children of the world. Every night when the world goes to sleep, Sorcar quietly retires to his computer room and enters his world of animation.
Deepa & Rupa: A Fairy Tale From India

India's FIRST animation with live action. Winner of the Gold Plaque at the Chicago International Film Festival, Silver and Bronze Medals at the International Film Festival of New York, nominations for three Heartland Regional Emmy Awards among others. It is a story of two step sisters, one that was kind and unselfish and the other uncaring and greedy. Find out how each sister’s behavior brought a change in their fate.
The Sage & the Mouse

The Sage & the Mouse is the winner of the Gold Medal at the International Film Festival of New York and a Bronze Plaque winner at the Columbus International Film Festival among others. The Sage & The Mouse is adapted from The Panchatantra, the classic book of fables of India. The story depicts a helpless mouse who was empowered by a good sage. But the power corrupted his character.


Sniff is the recipient of C.I.N.E. Golden Eagle and a Finalist at the International Film & TV Festival of New York. A favorite of children all over the world, Sniff is based on Sukumar Ray's non-sense poem Gandhabichar. It is the story of an era when perfume was still an unknown object. When the minister of the king wore some perfume before the court resumed, he created quite a stir in the courtroom.

The Woodcutter’s Daughter

A Finalist in Children's Program category at the New York Festivals, The Woodcutter's Daughter was telecast on PBS stations of USA, and was nationally telecast in India. Adapted from The Panchatantra, the classic book of folktales of India, it is the story of a poor woodcutter who saved a wounded squirrel by having her turned into a baby girl with the help of wishes granted by a fish.
Children’s Songs and Dances from India

A collection of popular children's songs and dances by Piya (8 yrs old) and Payal (5 yrs old) with animation. It includes Santa Claus, Astronaut, Uncle's Home, In the Sweet Morning, Wedding of the Mole, Peek-A-Boo, The Sun Shines Thru the Clouds, and The Man From the Fairy Land.
Ekushe-Aine (Rule of Twenty-One)

Winner of the Bronze Plaque for animation at the 51st Columbus International Film Festival . "Rule of Twenty-One" is based on Sukumar Ray's famous nonsense verse Ekushe-Aine from Aabol Taabol and premiered in India in 2002. It is a non-sense story about a city with ridiculous rules of twenty-one.
Behind the Scenes of Sorcar's Animation

A brief history of his animation techniques and a behind the scenes look at how it all began.

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