ASHA Colorado Show: A Grand Success!

May 12, 2013. The long-awaited Fantastic Laser World of Manick Sorcar took place at the Colorado Heights University Theater in Denver, CO. The charity show, whose goal was to raise funds for supporting impoverished children in India through basic education, enjoyed a stupendous success. The two-hour show started at 4 pm in a packed auditorium at the CHU theater. The following are some of the pictures from the show:

(Above three) A welcoming group-dance to greet all at the show with “Dia” or illuminated
wick-lamps in hands… with a flavor of the Festival of Light in rural India


(above three) Scenes from Jai Ho

(Above) Three scenes from SUNRISE: A Western ballet in rhythm with Eastern music…where Sun rises to shine love and harmony, and spreads everlasting peace on earth

(Below) Scenes from the Enlightenment of Buddha
500 BC, India. Siddharta Gautama meditates under a tree to attain enlightenment.
But "Mara", the devil of the time threats to destroy him with his power of black magic

Beautiful women dance to interrupt Siddharta Gautama's meditation

(Above) Soldiers do warrior-dance to distract the meditating monk,
(Below) Devil Mara sends skeletons to scare him

They surrender and fall on his feet: 'Buddhang Sharanang Gacchhami'

Two scenes from 'Birth of Our Republic". Tracing roots : Ajanta Arts and Lord Ganesha

A light moment after the group is felicitated by James Cavender, Chapter Coordinator,
ASHA Colorado

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