Sniff (Gandhabichar)
Produced, Directed, Animated and Music by: Manick Sorcar
Basanti Studios
"Manick Sorcar's SNIFF (Gandhabichar) brings to life the unforgettable characters of Sukumar Ray's poem."

-The Statesman, Kolkata, India

A scene from Sorcar's Sniff

Sniff (Bengali; subtitled in English) is adapted from Sukumar Ray’s classic poem ‘Gandhabichar’. It is a story of an era when perfume was still an unknown object. So when the minister of the king wore some perfume before the court resumed, he created quite a commotion.

Manick Sorcar is credited for accomplishing several FIRSTS with this production. Sniff is the FIRST animation that was created in Bengali language, the FIRST Bengali animation to ever be shown on Indian television and also the very FIRST animation from Sukumar Ray's Abol Tabol.

Sorcar took the original version of Sukumar Ray's nonsensical poem and created a screenplay, a storyboard, which led to the award winning animation. In 1993, it received the CINE Golden Eagle from Washington D.C.

All of Sorcar’s animated classics are shown yearly on television in the United States and popular in schools and libraries.
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A scene from Sorcar's Sniff

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