LASERTOONS a super-hit at Nicco Park!

(left) Logo of Manick Sorcar's LaserToons. (Right, below) Some of the toon-characters of his show.

From a grassroot approach with Indian alphabets & nursery-rhymes to complex 3-D graphics/animation
of space exploration and fireworks ... all presented with the cutting-edge technology of laser.
A feast for eyes and minds for children and adults alike!

December 23, 2006 to January 23, 2007:
Nicco Park, Kolkata (formerly Calcutta), India:

For the first time in history, the people of India got to watch a laser show primarily designed for children and their families, and that, too, in a native language of India. The venue was Nicco Park, popularly known as the Disneyland of India. "LaserToons" was a 30-minute extravaganza of colorful graphics, animation, and three-dimensional laser-magic in space - based on four popular children's songs that were written by Manick and sung by his two US-born daughters Piya and Payal, then 8 and 5. It was shown on a massive tri-screen inside a custom-built mega-auditorium. In the month-long program initially there were two shows a day except Sundays and holidays when there were three. But due to increasing demand, the number of shows soon were changed to three a day, and four on Sundays and holidays - completing a record 78 shows in one month! Anandabazar Patrika, the leading newspaper of Bengal, promptly listed it as one of the few shows that rocked the city.

LaserToons bills in railways stations (above), and on highways (below)

Express India wrote, "When it comes to entertaining children, Nicco Park is a clear winner......... The introduction of a laser show, conceptualised by Manick Sorcar, has worked as a crowd-puller. Souma Roychowdhury, spokesperson for Nicco Park, said: 'We had approximately 25,000 visitors today (Dec. 26). Generally, during this time (year-end holidays) we have around 10,000 to 12,000 visitors' ".

All together, in the month-long stretch, the unique laser show was enjoyed by a gigantic 140,000 people in 78 shows. "Magic of lasermania: Manick Sorcar conjures up breathtaking laser shows using desi toon characters", wrote the Asian Age.


(Left) Manick Sorcar in his fantasyland with a traditional animated creation to the
left and laser figures to the right - a popular picture that was used in many
of Nicco Park's publicity posters for the show. (Right) A scene from his show: A child
dreams to be an astronaut.

"Laser breathes life into local toons" wrote The Telegraph, "....the show at Nicco Park
will show many young Tom & Jerry or Harry Potter fans that there is much in our own
closet worth 'toon'-ing into."


A decorated Nicco Park entry and Mall welcome visitors to their main attraction: "LaserToons"

"It's our family production - for your family" Manick Sorcar introducing the show (left) and
his wife Shikha (right) to the audience. To accommodate a maximum number of people the
auditorium was designed for the audience to stand and watch. But people would come
hours earlier to secure a favorite spot on the floor!

Audience of all demographics and faith - from Buddhist monks (left) to Mother Teresa nuns
(right) jam to see the show of a life time. No matter where they came from, their comments
were the same: "Spectacular! We have never experienced anything like this before!!"

"Autograph please!" Manick Sorcar amongst his admirers. Audience would wait to meet
Manick Sorcar after each show to convey their personal greetings - "Thank you for a
wonderful show! Simply amazing!"

Manick with an youngest admirer. "We came all the way from Agartala, Tripura,
just to see your show. We just didn't want to miss it!"
said her parents.

"Manipulating the strong beam of laser to work as a paint brush is like trying to break a
ferocious tiger for a domestic pet.
Manick did it!", wrote Dainik Statesman.

He came, he saw, he conquered!

(Left) On the last day Manick Sorcar bids good-bye to the audience. (Right) Joined by his wife Shikha,
they receive bouquets of flowers
and thanks from Mr. Arijit Sengupta, CEO/Director of
Nicco Park on January 23, 2007.
A record 78 shows were performed in one month, drawing
over 140,000 jubilant spectators.

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