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Deepa & Rupa: A Fairy Tale From India (color, 30 min., English)  


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The Sage & The Mouse/Sniff (color, 30 min., English/Bengali, with English subtitle)  


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  View Clip of Sniff Slow Speed High Speed

The Woodcutter's Daughter (color, 30 min., English)



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Children's Songs and Dances From India (Color, 30 min., Subtitled in English)



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Rule of Twenty-one (Ekushe-Aine) (Color, 15 min, Bengali, with English subtitle)



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Deepa & Rupa/The Sage & the Mouse (Total 45 min., English) ---------------------USA $15.00
The Woodcutter's Daughter/The Sage & the Mouse (Total 45 min, English)---------USA $15.00
Sniff/Rule of Twenty-one/Children's Songs (Total 1 hr, Bengali w/ Eng. Subtitle)-----USA $15.00


Chhucho Kattar Biye (Album name)
Contains eleven popular songs of Piya and Payal in Bengali plus four songs in instrumental

USA $10.00













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