Deepa & Rupa: A Fairy Tale from India
Produced, Directed, Animated and Music by: Manick Sorcar
Basanti Studios
"Deepa & Rupa: A Fairy Tale From India (recipient of Four Stars- Excellent ) recounts an Indian fairy tale of honesty and greed by skillfully interweaving animation with live action characters...two different techniques blend well together and look natural , and the acting is good. This video is best suited to school and public libraries as an introduction to different cultures and their folklore...".

-Videos Rating Guide for Libraries, USA

A Scene from Deepa and Rupa:
A Fairy Tale from India
Deepa and Rupa: A Fairy Tale From India (English) was noted down in history as India's FIRST animation with live action. It was nationally broadcast on Indian TV (Doordarshan) and several times on PBS stations in USA. This classic fairy tale tells a story about two step sisters, Deepa (Deepa Reddy) and Rupa (Piya Sorcar). Their father, a weaver, had two wives and a daughter by each. The two sisters are very different in nature. Rupa is a kind and unselfish sister while Deepa is uncaring and greedy. The story begins with Rupa and her mother being thrown out of their home by Deepa and her mother immediately after the weaver passes away. We watch the story unravel as Rupa and her mother are cast away to make their own way in the world. As the story progresses each sister makes a long journey to the Old Woman in the Moon.
On the way they encounter magical creatures including a hungry cow, a thirsty horse and a tired old banyan tree needing their help. The story teaches children a moral as each sister’s behavior in the world brings about a massive change in their fate.

Deepa and Rupa: A Fairy Tale from India (created in 1990) was Sorcar’s first animation/live action production. What started off as a venture to teach his two little girls more about their Indian heritage turned into a colorful, dazzling animation skillfully interacted with live action for the children of the world to enjoy. This international award winning production has been telecast on PBS stations yearly during the holidays and has spread throughout the libraries and schools of the United States.

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Scene from Deepa and Rupa:
A Fairy Tale from India
“A home-grown, family project humanizes the machine”
- The Denver Post, USA

“Comparing Sorcar’s animations with those traditionally seen on Saturday mornings, he just about could be
Hanna Barbera”

- The Daily Camera, USA

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