Deepa & Rupa: A Fairytale from India
Produced, Directed, Animated and Music by: Manick Sorcar
Basanti Studios


A Scene from Deepa and Rupa:
A Fairy Tale from India
Deepa and Rupa: A Fairytale From India (English) was noted down in history as "FIRST feature-length live action and animation mixed film of India" by Jayanti Sen of 'Animation World Network'. It was nationally broadcast on Indian TV (Doordarshan) and several times on PBS stations in USA. At the Rocky Mountain PBS station, Colorado, USA this film along with Sorcar's other animation films were telecast 25 years in a row as a year-end special feature. This classic fairy tale tells a story about two step sisters, Deepa (Deepa Reddy) and Rupa (Piya Sorcar). Two stepsisters, Deepa and Rupa, have different personalities. Deepa is selfish, Rupa is kind. The personified 'wind' steals their cotton, forcing the sisters to go to the old woman in the moon. Along the way they encounter a number of magical creatures, including a horse, a cow, and a banyan tree, all needing their help. Each sister's actions contribute to their ultimately different fates, teaching children the morals of kindness and service to others as well as respect for nature.

Key Awards & Accolades:

GOLD PLAQUE in Children's Television Programming, and
SILVER PLAQUE in Animation
26th Chicago International Film Festival

Council on International Non-theatrical Events (CINE), Washington, DC

Nomination for three Heartland Regional EMMY AWARDS
Youth/Children's Programming
Acting (Rupa's role by Piya Sorcar)

CINDY AWARD in Art Direction
Association of Visual Communications


Scene from Deepa and Rupa:
A Fairytale from India

"FIRST feature-length live action and animation mixed film of India"
-Animation World Network

"Deepa & Rupa: A Fairytale From India (recipient of Four Stars- Excellent ) recounts an Indian fairy tale of honesty and greed by skillfully interweaving animation with live action characters...two different techniques blend well together and look natural , and the acting is good. This video is best suited to school and public libraries as an introduction to different cultures and their folklore...".
-Video Rating Guides for Libraries (USA)

“A home-grown, family project humanizes the machine”
- The Denver Post, USA

“Comparing Sorcar’s animations with those traditionally seen on Saturday mornings, he just about could be
Hanna Barbera”

- The Daily Camera, USA

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