Silver Jubilee Animation Event Celebrated at
Quality Inn Denver

January 10 , 2015, Denver, Colorado:

The historic event "Celebration of Silver Jubilee Telecast of Indian Animation on Rocky Mountain PBS" took place at the Banquet Hall of the Quality Inn Central, Denver. Guests started coming in at 6 pm. Posters and Scrap Books exhibiting the animation films and their reviews were displayed along the far end of the large Banquet Hall - which instantly became a popular attraction. By 7pm the banquet was full of people and the program was conducted as scheduled:

6 to 7pm: Cocktails and Snacks
7 to 9pm: Manick's speech and Projection of animation clippings
9 to 9:15pm: "25 Years of Animations" cake cutting
9:15 to 11pm: Dinner and Socializing

Above and below: Posters and scrapbooks of 'Deepa & Rupa: A Fairytale From India' (Gold Plaque, Chicago International Film Festival), 'The Sage and the Mouse' (Gold Medal, New York International Film Festival), 'Sniff /Gandhabichar' (Golden Eagle, Council on International Non-theatrical Events), 'Rule of Twenty-one /Ekushe Aine', (Bronze Plaque, Columbus International Film Festival), 'The Woodcutter's daughter' (Finalist, New York International Film Festival), and 'Swamiji' (Manick Sorcar received the 'Special Achievement Award for Cultural Enlightenment' from the International Laser Display Association (ILDA).


Other Pictures:

Above: After cocktails and snacks, the program started with Manick's speech, standing near the projection screen.
Below: Manick Sorcar delivering his speech.

Prior to the projection of animation clippings Manick thanked all for attending the special event. He congratulated all by saying: "This is a historic day for all of us - a collective attempt by all of us that came to fruition. There is so much I wish to tell you but I think the message we received from John W. Hickenlooper, the Honorable Governor of Colorado summarizes it all, particularly the lines:

"...For a quarter of a century, your animation films have taken children on a special journey to the lands of India where they have learned more of her culture and people. These films have taught that diversity is an asset and what brings us together is our common thread of humanity irrespective of where we grow up...Your work continues to make Colorado, the United States and India proud".

Above: Short clippings from every animation was projected on the screen

"I am immensely grateful to all of you, each and everyone of you, who gave their talent in singing, narrating, acting, voice overs, choreography, music, labor of love, constructive criticism and extending help in miscellaneous areas in completing these award-winning animations. Without your participation this couldn't be done!", said Manick.

Historic Moments Celebrated by All:

From top left, clockwise: Bimleshwar Gupta (Voice talent for the cow in Deepa & Rupa) and Sharmishtha Arora (the Moon Lady in Deepa & Rupa) with Manick, (Right):Raghu Bhattacharya (Voice talent for Chandraketu in Gandhabichar), Pompa Banerjee (Narrator for The Sage & The Mouse, and Story Consultant for Sniff and Rule of Twenty-One), Shikha, Piya and others, and two group photos of the cast, crew and other participants.


Above: 25th Anniversary Cake Cutting by many hands. From left, Anindya Basu (the singer of 'Mano chalo' and the voice talent for Swami Vivekananda in "Swamiji"), Manick Sorcar, Sharmishtha Arora (the Moon Lady in Deepa & Rupa), Abhay Kale (the woodcutter in The Woodcutter's Daughter), Arun Budhiraja (Voice talent for the Sun in The Woodcutter's Daughter), Ravi Singh (Voice talent for Mangal Singh in Swamiji), Piya Sorcar (acted as Rupa in Deepa & Rupa), Jaya Ullal (acted as young Anju in The Woodcutter's Daughter), and Shikha Sorcar (Narrator of Sniff & Rule of Twenty-One). Standing behind on left is Ajeyo Banerjee, story consultant for Sniff and Rule of Twenty-One, Rathin Basu, and Manohar Arora.

Regarding "Swamiji" he said, "Traditionally, in entertainment field, laser has been used at dancing clubs and inauguration of sports. "Swamiji" is the first show, where it demonstrates how the strong beam of laser can be manipulated to be used as a harmless painting brush for art and animation, and tell a powerful story evoking emotions. Although this was not a part of the 25 years of broadcast, it has been included here to celebrate its phenomenal international success since its premier in 2012".

Above (Left), browsing through the scrap books, from left, Sraboni Basu (Moral supporter and inspirer for Swamiji), Hemanta Mukherjee (Voice talent for Biswanath Dutta in Swamiji) and Raja Bhattacharjee (Animation model for Swami Vivekananda in Swamiji). (Right) Manohar Arora, C.P. Mishra and others at Salad Bar getting ready for dinner.

Above Left: Roma Sur (Narration consultant for Swamiji), Shewli Dutta (Choreographer for miscellaneous Sorcar projects) and Pompa Banerjee, (Right) Bemleshwar Gupta, Arun Budhiraja, Aarti Kale and Rajni Gupta


From top left, clockeise: Piya and Chandan Chatterjee (Moral supporters and helper in many of Sorcar projects), Right: Raja and Romy Bhattacharjee (Moral supporter and inspirer for Swamiji) with Manick, Bottom: Bimleshwar Gupta with Rajni Gupta, Rathin and Meera Basu (Moral supporters and helper in many Sorcar projects)


The news was covered by the press/internet. For "State of Colorado Honors Manick Sorcar for Animation Shows" in The Indian Diaspora, press here.


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