The Woodcutter’s Daughter
Produced, Directed, Animated and Music by: Manick Sorcar
Basanti Studios
The Woodcutter’s Daughter (English) is another one of Manick Sorcar’s productions adapted from the Panchatantra, the classic book of folktales of India. This Sorcar classic is a colorful animation skillfully interacted with live action. It is a story of a poor woodcutter (Abhay Kale) who saves the life of a wounded squirrel by having her turned into a baby girl with the help of wishes granted by a magical fish. The woodcutter and his wife (Shubha Mehra), who had no children of their own, adopted this baby as their own loving daughter.
This little girl grows up to be a beautiful young lady (Payal Sorcar). But when her parents tried to find her an extra-ordinary husband, she turns down all their choices and finds someone they could never imagine to be her life partner.
This classic, created in 1997, was telecast in the United States and was a Finalist in the Children’s Animation category at the 40th Annual New York Festivals. It was well received by schools and libraries across the United States and was nationally telecast in India.

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