Rule of Twenty-one (Ekushe-Aine)
Produced, Directed, Animated and Music by: Manick Sorcar
Basanti Studios

A scene from Ekushe Aine

Rule of Twenty-one (Bengali; subtitled in English), is based on Ekushe-Aine the popular nonsense verse of Sukumar Ray. What viewers will find most captivating here is the rich transference of Ray’s words into the new medium of animation where Sorcar brings out the cinematic potential of the works by viewing the original context through the lens of his own sardonic humor, as he enlivens Ray’s words with a world of humorous visual details.

Several aspects make Ekushe-Aine animation electrifying. First, the exhilarating sense of Bengali culture coming to life in a new medium. It is as if the audience experiences the humor and richness of Bengali culture in all its charm and freshness for the first time. Additionally, Sorcar’s attention to visual detail intensifies the wit and absurdity of everyday life in Bengal. Furthermore, this hilarity comes to us in a dazzling showcase of computer wizardry and artful lighting. Sorcar brings his formidable skills as artist, engineer, lighting specialist, computer programmer, graphic designer, and cinematographer to bear in this show. Each scene is sketched and animated with loving detail, and behind each animation stands months of labor. Audiences will appreciate the way technology meets tradition to produce rich humor in Sorcar’s rendition of Ray’s nonsense verse. It received the Bronze Plaque at the 51st Annual Columbus International Film Festival. This international award winning production was released in 2003.

A scene from Ekushe Aine
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