"Wedding of the Mole Leader (Chucho Kattar Biye) - an audio cassette of six children's songs by daughters Piya (8) and Payal (5), music by Manick Sorcar. The marvelous combination of tune, environmental music, and magical voices of the child-artists has resulted in an excellent children's product"

-Ananda Bazar Patrika, India

Payal and Piya
Manick Sorcar is an internationally award winning music director. In 1993, he won the Gold Medal for Music Direction at the 36th International Film & TV Festival of New York for his animated production Sage & the Mouse.

Cultural Bridge that started at home
In order to attract his two US born daughters (then 7 and 5 yrs old, 1984) to their Indian heritage, Sorcar wrote several songs in his native Bengali language. His daughters sang the songs. The 45 rpm record containing "Santa Claus" and "Ajagar" (Python) was manufactured by CBS Records. His daughter, Piya, received the First Prize for her song "Santa Claus" at the Stars of Tomorrow contest sponsored by the Kiwanis International Club (1984).
inspired by the success of the first two songs (CBS Record), Sorcar continued to make cultural bridges between his native India and the United States. He wrote several more songs which he collected in two cassettes which became extremely popular.

In 1986, Sound Wing Co. of Kolkata, India released “Chucho Kattar Biye” through a 45 rpm large record. This led to the release of two audio cassettes - the first being “Chucho Kattar Biye” (Wedding of the Mole Leader) released in 1986and “Tai Tai Tai” (Clap, Clap, Clap) released in 1987. Both were released by Sound Wing Company in Kolkata, India. Sorcar involved his whole family in this production.

After the productions were released in both the U.S. and India, Sorcar received hundreds of letters and messages from parents around the world who were facing the same challenges of preserving the Indian culture in their home. Sorcar’s music served as tool for parents to encourage their second generation children to appreciate the cultures of both the east and west.

Santa Claus/Ajagar
CBS Record

Piya and Payal with their father
Music videos for these productions were telecast several times on American CableVision through productions titled “East Meets I” and “East Meets II”. Later a few of the music videos were compiled into a VHS tape for the mainstream audience titled “Children's Songs and Dances From India”.

Sorcar slowly moved into animation but continued to compose all the music for his productions. He composed and directed all the music in “Deepa & Rupa; A fairy tale from India”, “Sniff”, “The Sage and the Mouse”, “The Woodcutter’s Daughter” and his latest production “Ekushe-Aine”.
Audio Productions
Chucho Kattar Biye (Wedding of the Mole Leader)

A highly popular compilation of children's music in Bengali. The production consists of a handful of cheerful songs with themes from the East and West.
Tai Tai Tai (Clap, Clap, Clap)

After Sorcar's first musical adventure was such a success, he released another production for children to enjoy. These songs became very popular amongst young children.

Video Productions
Deepa & Rupa: A Fairy Tale From India

India's FIRST animation with live action. Winner of the Gold Plaque at the Chicago International Film Festival, Silver and Bronze Medals at the International Film Festival of New York, nominations for three Heartland Regional Emmy Awards among others. It is a story of two step sisters, one that was kind and unselfish and the other uncaring and greedy. Find out how each sister’s behavior brought a change in their fate.
The Sage & the Mouse

The Sage & the Mouse is the winner of the Gold Medal at the International Film Festival of New York and a Bronze Plaque winner at the Columbus International Film Festival among others. The Sage & The Mouse is adapted from The Panchatantra, the classic book of fables of India. The story depicts a helpless mouse who was empowered by a good sage. But the power corrupted his character.

Sniff is the recipient of C.I.N.E. Golden Eagle and a Finalist at the International Film & TV Festival of New York. A favorite of children all over the world, Sniff is based on Sukumar Ray's non-sense poem Gandhabichar. It is the story of an era when perfume was still an unknown object. When the minister of the king wore some perfume before the court resumed, he created quite a stir in the courtroom.
The Woodcutter’s Daughter

A Finalist in Children's Program category at the New York Festivals, The Woodcutter's Daughter was telecast on PBS stations of USA, and was nationally telecast in India. Adapted from The Panchatantra, the classic book of folktales of India, it is the story of a poor woodcutter who saved a wounded squirrel by having her turned into a baby girl with the help of wishes granted by a fish.
Children’s Songs and Dances from India

A collection of popular children's songs and dances by Piya (8 yrs old) and Payal (5 yrs old) with animation. It includes Santa Claus, Astronaut, Uncle's Home, In the Sweet Morning, Wedding of the Mole, Peek-A-Boo, The Sun Shines Thru the Clouds, and The Man From the Fairy Land.
Ekushe-Aine (Rule of Twenty-One)

Winner of the Bronze Plaque for animation at the 51st Columbus International Film Festival . "Rule of Twenty-One" is based on Sukumar Ray's famous nonsense verse Ekushe-Aine from Aabol Taabol and premiered in India in 2002. It is a non-sense story about a city with ridiculous rules of twenty-one.

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