Chucho Kattar Biye (Wedding of the Mole Leader)
Composed by: Manick Sorcar
Sound Wing Company
Kolkata, India
Cover of
"Chucho Kattar Biye"

Sorcar released "Chucho Kattar Biye" in 1986 into the Indian market and later tapped into the western world. The production consists of six original songs, which were all sung by the Sorcar family. After releasing this production into the market, the Sorcar family received hundreds of letters from parents and children all across the world talking about the culture clash and difficulties raising second generation children outside of India. Sorcar's music was recognized by many as a cultural icon that represented the struggle to teach second generation children about their roots. His music was a happy bridge between the East and West that created a sense of harmony between the two cultures and is especially popular with young children. His tunes are still heard on the radio in India.

Sorcar's daughters were age 5 and 7 when they sang in this production and later released music videos shown on American CableVision through a two part series titled "East Meets I" and "East Meets II". Some of the music videos were compiled into a video production titled "Children's Songs and Dances from India". Both the music videos and this music production can be purchased through this site.

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