Rocky Mountain PBS TV Stations to Air Sorcar's Animation Again!

April 15 is the final day for submitting United States income tax return. But if you are a tax payer of the USA, do not be depressed for it - here is a good news to cheer you up. Due to continuous popularity, PBS stations of the Rocky Mountain area have announced they are going to re-telecast Manick Sorcar's animation classics on the same day, early morning. Start the day with a message of love and care through his popular animation!

A Scene from Woodcutter's Daughter
April 15, Sunday, 9 am
KRMA-TV (PBS), Channel 6, Denver, CO:
KRMJ-TV (PBS), Channel 18, Grand Junction, CO
KTSC-TV (PBS), Channel 8 , Pueblo, CO

A Scene from Sage and the Mouse

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