"Fantasy" at Los Angeles, California

October 16, 2010, Saturday:

The hour-long stage extravaganza of live action mixed with laser animation enchanted the audience at a packed Duarte Arts Performing Center, Duarte - a suburb of Los Angeles, California. The show was a part of the celebration of Durga Puja of the BASC (Bengali Association of Southern California). Designed for the entertainment of the entire family, the program had four items: Mahishasur Mardini, Sunrise, LaserToons and Imagination. While Mahishasur Mardini was based on the mythology of Goddess Durga (live performer) destroying the Demon (laser animation) to save the universe, Sunrise offered peace and harmony through the unison of a Western dance to an Eastern melody, LaserToons was based on four children's songs in Indian language, Imagination lifted the audience from their seats to under the ocean following the dreams of a young girl who was to rescue trapped water fairies.

Duarte Performing Arts Center, 1401 Highland Avenue, Duarte, California

Goddess Durga empowered by Lord Brahma with 10 hands to destroy the demon

Scenes from Mahishasur Mardini. Live performance interacts with demon (laser)


Sunrise welcomes a new era of peace and harmony through a Western ballet to the tune of an Eastern melody

A scene from LaserToons....the first Laser show based on children' songs of India.
Originally shown at Nicco Park, Kolkata

Imagination was based on the dream of a young girl, which takes her under the ocean and free
the water fairies trapped under the spell of an evil demon.


The freed fairies dance with joy to the delight of the young girl's dream-come-true.
At the end she wonders 'Was it a dream or reality?'

At the Grand Finale, Manick Sorcar receives a token of love from Miss Shohini Haldar
of the BASC.


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