Manick Sorcar's Laser Animation "A Touch of Water"
Wins the Hearts At The Foothills Art Center's Grand Gala

Mr. Bill Coors congratulates Sorcar for the "Outstanding laser animation" It might be interesting to know that Mr. Bill Coors and Manick Sorcar, both are one of "The Top 100 People" selected by Jefferson The Magazine, USA, in their 1997-98, Winter edition.

"Watery feel moves gala along" wrote The Denver Post, USA , (February 17, 2000) in its article about the special event, "A Love Affair With Rivers was the theme, and the 250 guests at this February 11 event were treated to a well-planned evening that included sound effects, a laser show and decor that helped transform Green Center of the Colorado School of Mines campus into an aquatic playground.....

The 4-minute laser show 'A Touch of Water' was created by Manick Sorcar, the animator-engineer, who is the president of Sorcar Engineering. His local projects include the lighting design for all concourses at the ($7 billion project) Denver International Airport."

The event was the annual Valentine's Gala benefiting Foothills Art Center in Golden, the historic and one of the most prestigious art galleries of USA, which had honored Sorcar by exhibiting his artwork in 1996. (art bio) The Gala was attended by guests such as Bill and Rita Bass Coors of the legendary beer company, William and Judy Fleming, the founders of Colorado Ocean Journey, sculptor Kent Ullberg and wife Veerie, Professor Bob Weimer of Colorado School of Mines and his wife Ruth, CSM President Rex Bull with his wife Peggy, and television KUSA-Channel 9 anchor Ed Greene.


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