Manick Sorcar was selected as one of THE TOP 100 PEOPLE
In its 1997-1998 issue (page 77), the magazine wrote a lengthy article about Sorcar and his significant contribution to the "ArtsWorld" for which he was selected. The magazine is published by Golden Media Inc., the publisher of Colorado's oldest newspaper The Golden Transcript. Excerpts from the article:

"...An award-winning artist in multimedia, an internationally published cartoonist, Manick Sorcar spends his days as president and chief electrical engineer of Butterweck-Sorcar Engineering in Denver. During the nights, Sorcar follows his artistic sides.

...Sorcar came to the United States in 1970 as a student. He earned a master's degree in electrical engineering....within two years of his start with Howard Butterweck & Company, Sorcar was promoted to vice president. Two years later he became a partner. The company incorporated and changed its name to Butterweck-Sorcar Engineering Inc .... His work included the lighting design for all three concourses at Denver International Airport (a $6 billion dollar USA Govt. project) and fire alarm and security system for the Denver Convention Center....

....Recently Sorcar released 'The Woodcutter's Daughter', which was based on a classic book of children's fables from his native country of India. Sorcar's fourth television production incorporated live action and animation through the tale, which was intended as a cultural bridge to take the English speaking audience to introduce viewers to the simplicity of village life, native culture and a fairy tale of another land. It was produced in Sorcar's Arvada studio...Prior to 'The Woodcutter's Daughter', Sorcar had other award-winning animated/live action videos including 'Deepa & Rupa: A Fairy Tale From India' which received several awards and beat out 'Sesame Street' in the 33rd annual International Film Festival of New York."

Manick Sorcar at his studio, photo reprinted from JEFFERSON THE MAGAZINE (left), p77
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