A tribute to my father P.C. Sorcar
on his 50th death anniversary

"Pronam (Humble Regards)"
My father P.C. Sorcar at home in his native Bengali clothes.
(An acrylic painting on a large rock-tile)


Magician P. C. Sorcar: (Left) 'In myriad of colors', a geometrical art in waterpaint,
(Right) 'He is everywhere', a digital painting

January 6, 2021, Arvada, Colorado:

Tribute to My Father

This is a humble tribute to my father - the legendary magician Late Padma Shri P.C. Sorcar, who passed away fifty years ago on this day (January 6, 1971) in Asahikawa, Hokkaido, Japan, while touring with his internationally renowned magic show, "Indrajal".

My father had sides of his personality. One side was the family man, wearing native Bengali costumes such as Dhooti, Punjabi and an Alowan. At home he was a simple man taking care of the family - including us, the five siblings - with whom he played, laughed, joked and yet he was still the strict father making sure we paid full attention to our education and schoolwork.

The other was the Great P.C. Sorcar, whom the world knew as the great magician - a totally different side of his personality! On stage he wore the trade-mark glamourous costume - the bright sherwani, jewelry, lockets, glittering earrings and a Pagri (turban) with gems and plume as the “Maharaja of Magic”, hypnotizing the whole world with his illusions, elaborate stage settings and dozens of assistants and musicians.

Being his son and as a stage assistant in the early part of my life, I had the opportunity to closely know both of these amazing sides of him. I am grateful that he kindled the fire of mixing art with science in me, and I owe him for everything I know. To me, his death is only another act of disappearance, he is still alive and will always be. Long live P.C. Sorcar!

(Note: For "CHITRANJALI": Art-offerings to P.C. Sorcar, once a week, till his 108th birth anniversary on February 23, 2021, click here)


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