'Chitranjali': Art-Offerings to my father


P.C. Sorcar: A sand portrait on a blackboard

A blow-up of the eyes


January 12, 2021, Arvada, Colorado:

Chitranjali: Art-offerings to my father P.C. Sorcar, the Great Magician

My father's 108th birth anniversary is coming up on February 23 (DOB Feb 23, 1913), about 6 weeks from now. I have decided to offer several of my unpublished artwork related to him, as a tribute to this great man at least once a week till his birthday. He passed away 50 years ago, but to me this was only an act of disappearance; he is still alive and I see him in just about everything and everywhere my eyes go to. There is no particular media or sequence to these pictures as I made them as they came to my mind. I hope, you will admire these unique art and enjoy!

The above is a portrait of P. C. Sorcar, I made with sand.





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