A scene from the laser show "Ae Ajagar Aaschhe Tere"

"Ae Ajagar Aaschhe Tere"

September 29, 2015, Denver, Colorado:

This 'Father & Daughter Song' (Singers Manick and his daughter, Payal) was based on a real life story when Manick's US-born daughter was barely 5 years old. Based on a popular nursery rhyme, the lyrics of the Bengali song were jointly written by Manick and his wife Shikha, and the music was composed by Manick. It expresses the excitement of the child in practicing Bengali to be able to communicate with her visiting grandparents from India, whom she misses dearly being raised in a foreign land like America.

Another scene from the laser show "Ae Ajagar Aaschhecene Tere"

The song became an instant hit when it was released in India in 1986. It was one of the several popular children's songs prepared by the Sorcar family and released by the Sound Wing Company, Kolkata in the form of a cassette and a 45 rpm record named "Chhucho Kattar Biye". In 1986 it was a part of "East Meets West", a half-hour TV special by American Cablevision, Wheat Ridge, Colorado, USA. The same year it was also a part of an interview program telecast by Doordarshan, Kolkata, India. In 2007 it was one of the four songs in Manick Sorcar's laser show "LASERTOONS" displayed at the famous Nicco Park, Kolkata, where it ran packed-house, non-stop, completing a record 78 shows in a month with multiple displays a day to meet the demand.

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