"Dancing With My Soul" A FINALIST for Artistic Achievement
at the 2004 ILDA International Awards Competition

Venetian Hotel, Las Vegas

October 23, 2004, Las Vegas:

Manick Sorcar received the Award Plaque for a FINALIST from the International Laser Display Association (ILDA) for his entry "Dancing with My Soul".

Attended by professional laserists and laser-enthusiasts from around the world, the four-hour award ceremony was held at the prestigious Venetian Hotel located at the heart of Las Vegas, starting at 7 PM. ILDA's artistic award categories cover virtually all aspects of modern laser displays, from the production of huge outdoor shows to the creation of laser graphics.

(Left) Manick Sorcar with David Lytle, the Executive Director of the ILDA, and (Right) Melissa Chisholm, Awards Committee Chairperson, at the ILDA 2004 Las Vegas conference.

A scene from "Dancing with My Soul"
starring Piya Sorcar and her laser-soul
Sorcar's "Dancing With My Soul" is a laser animation skillfully interwoven with on-stage live performance of a dancer, shown through his exclusive technique "Sorcarscope". In its story, a skilled East-Indian dancer is seen totally depressed after loosing her confidence in dancing. Her soul emerges from her, helps her learning the forgotten steps, plays and dances with her until her spirit is up, when it goes back in her. The soul is a laser-animation created by Manick, and the dancer is his daughter, Piya Sorcar. It was debuted at the biennial convention of the National Federation of Indian American Associations, East Brunswick, New Jersey, and since then has been performed around the world including the NABC 2004 conference at the Baltimore Convention Center, Baltimore, MD on July 4, 2004.

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