Piya Chandra Sorcar is the Dance Director and Choreographer for Manick Sorcar Productions. She has performed with members of her 50-person dance troupe throughout the United States, Canada, and India.

Ms. Sorcar is formally trained in ballet, jazz, modern and numerous Indian dance styles and has been performing and choreographing for over fifteen years. She has devoted much of her time to the production of fundraising performances for charities and non-profits around the United States.

Ms. Sorcar has been nominated for a Regional Emmy Award for acting in the lead role in "Deepa & Rupa - A Fairy Tale From India". The film was the winner of a number of international awards, including the Gold Plaque at the Chicago International Film and Television Festival. At the New York International Film and Television Festival, it won the Silver and Bronze medals, over Children's Workshop's Sesame Street and Hanna Barbara's The Greatest Adventure.


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