"My Fundays" featured in The Telegraph, Calcutta, India

Manick Sorcar interviewed by Avijit Chatterjee
for the popular weekly feature in the TeleKids section

September 8, 2010, Wednesday
Reproduced from The Telegraph (online), Calcutta, India

My Fundays
Manick Sorcar

(The US-based entrepreneur casts a spell through his animations and laser shows. He has twice won the Artistic Award — the Oscar of the laser industry. He is the eldest son of legendary magician P.C. Sorcar, Senior).

I have wonderful memories of growing up in Calcutta, at our home in Ballygunj named ‘‘Indrajal’’. My father P.C. Sorcar used to be away most of the time, touring the world with his magic shows. But when he was home I got to hear about the exotic countries he toured. He led a glamorous life, but he was a strict and kind father who helped me with academics and offered sound advice. My mother made sure I got a proper education and raised me to be a good person, though I was naughty at times. I remember rushing to my grandmother’s bed to listen to my favourite fables, stealing sweets, hiding any food which I did not like under a plate and taking my father’s car for a spin around the neighbourhood. Overall, life was fun.

Academically I was good, but I was mischievous and preferred playing over studying — something my parents disapproved of. A memorable incident occurred when I was in Class VI or VII. My parents had locked me in a bedroom on the second floor of our house with nothing but books as punishment. After about an hour, when they opened the door, I was not there! Later, my furious father found me sneaking into the house with a fishing rod. ‘‘Who let you out of the room? Which one of your siblings helped you?’’ he asked. ‘‘None,’’ I confessed, ‘‘I jumped from the balcony to the canopy below and then climbed down the pipe.’’ I knew a new punishment was awaiting me. But surprisingly, he just let me off with a warning and left the room suppressing a smile whispering to my mother, ‘‘This kid is a born magician.’’

I loved painting since childhood, but I could combine my love for painting with lighting only when I started working backstage at my father’s shows. At first, I painted the backdrops for different magic items. My father was very impressed and encouraged me to do more. Soon, I started playing with lighting to enhance my art work, which prompted me to do complex lighting designs for many of his intriguing magic items. I realised I was more interested in the magic of mixing art with science than doing stage magic, which led me to become an electrical engineer and eventually create a niche for myself through laser, art and animation, combining them with live action on stage.

You can find magic in anything if you set your heart on it.


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