Sorcar's "Seed of Hope" featured in the art book "Designing Obama" by Scott Thomas

"Designing Obama" by Scott Thomas, Foreword by Steven Heller and Michael Bierut

August 27, 2010, Chicago.

Scott Thomas, the Design Director of Obama’s highly successful 2008 campaign, has collaborated with artists and designers to create “Designing Obama”, a chronicle of the art from the historic campaign and selected unique creations from supporters worldwide. Manick Sorcar’s artwork “Seed of Hope” was featured on a dedicated page in this historic book which has just been released internationally.

"Seed of Hope" by Manick Sorcar

Created with lentils, onion seeds, cumin seeds, barley, fenugreek, etc., Sorcar’s unique portrait of the President was created as a congratulatory note to then just-elected president to celebrate the historic milestone of the USA. The artwork was instantly popular and flashed like fire over the internet.

With Forewords written by Steven Heller and Michael Bierut, “Designing Obama” gives the inside story on how design was used by the campaign to trace the emergence of ideas and images over the course of election, and scope out the amazing art created by artists and grassroots supporters. The volume is the definitive account of the vision of millions of people across the United States, where their vocal opinions are expressed in a visual way.

The hard-bound 360-page book ($79.99) is in full-color, highly crafted with an embossed sleeve. It is available at book stores and online stores including amazon.



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