Manick Sorcar and his troupe perform at the
14th International Congress on Child Abuse & Neglect

July 7, 2002, Adams Mark Hotel, Denver, Colorado

"It is with great pride and pleasure we announce the participation of Manick Sorcar and his team at the 14th International Congress on Child Abuse & Neglect"
The four-day mega-event held at the Adam’s Mark Hotel (largest hotel in Colorado) was attended by thousands from around the world including delegates from UNICEF, ILO, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Australia, India and USA to name few. It was jointly presented by the International Society for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect (ISPCAN), Kempe Children's Foundation, and Kempe Children's Center.
The Congress blended plenary sessions for all delegates, concurrent mini-plenary sessions, workshops, poster and free paper sessions. The Opening Session on Sunday night featured the Kempe Lecture and presentation of the Kempe Award. There were welcoming talks, reception, and entertainment. The entertainment program consisted of a variety of international items such as Parade of Nations, Colorado Children's Chorale, Northern and Southern Plains American-Indian Dances, Quintet from The Magic Flute etc. Manick Sorcar and his team performed the opening item with laser-show in combination with live action, which was the highlight of the program, at the Plaza theater of Adams Mark Hotel.

Sorcar Family with Richard Krugman, M.D., Congress Chairman
Directing special programs to raise funds for Child abuse victims was nothing new to Sorcar, who for years now has put together programs to raise thousands of dollars for charities around the world. Last year he donated proceeds from his highly successful stage show "Rhythm of 2001" to the Kempe Children's Foundation as well as to the Red Cross for the 9/11 victims of New York.
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