"World of Manick Sorcar: Where Art Becomes Magic”
by Roma Sur
Book-Launch in USA

A unique book on Sorcar by Roma Sur, Foreword by Patrick Murphy

WHEN: April 3, 2009 (Friday), 7:30pm to 9 pm
WHERE: Tattered Cover Book Store (Historic LoDo)
1628 16th St., Denver, CO 80202

WHAT: A Welcome Laser Show by Manick Sorcar.
Reading parts of the book by author Roma Sur
followed by Q&A and book signing by both.

About the book:
(ISBN: 978-1-60725-289-4, Library of Congress CN: 2008934895, Galaxylight Books, 8.5" x 11", 210 pages, 447 color plates, $45.00)

It is the outcome of the research work of Roma Sur, a freelance writer of Highlands Ranch, Colorado who has known Sorcar almost ten years. Her research started in early 2000s while she was a student of Mass Communications and Video Production for a master's degree at the University of Denver, Colorado, where she had to do a two-minute documentary on a celebrity. She selected Manick Sorcar for his fame in animation. But when she started her research she was astounded by the magnitude of his creations in other fields.
Her work, "The Genius of Manick Sorcar merely captured the tip of the iceburg of this amazing man's work", says Roma Sur, the recipient of the Graduate Student of the Year 2003, "at the time I promised that someday I would try and capture the magic of Mr. Sorcar's work and showcase it in one place". The released book is the result of her continuing research that extended almost eight years from the student days.

The Foreword of the book is by Patrick Murphy, the Executive Director of International Laser Display Association, USA, who was fascinated with Manick's work in such a wide variety of media: "Like an onion, Manick is a man of many layers. Each is impressive in its own right. The combination is unique....ILDA is fortunate to have Manick Sorcar gracing us with his work. India, America and world are fortunate to experience the unique media of laser, through the vision of Manick Sorcar".

Manick Sorcar won the "ILDA Artistic Award" - recognized as the Oscar of laser industry - twice from the International Laser Display Association. He is the first Asian to receive this prestigious award.

About the Author:

Roma Sur is a freelance writer based in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. She has researched and scripted shows for leading national cable channels like Food Network and Home & Garden Television, USA. She has contributed articles for e-magazines and leading magazines including Denver's 5280, Los Angeles's Valley Scene Magazine, and Film India Worldwide. She is the producer and editor of an award winning documentary titled Storytelling Today. The documentary is currently being used as educational material by local libraries. She earned her master's degree in Video Production from University of Denver where she was the recipient of the 'Graduate Student of the Year' award for the year 2003

What they say:

"The story of Manick Sorcar is a compelling one of versatility and triumph and represents the true entrepreneurial spirit of the West. A successful engineer by day, Manick transforms at night to become one who inspires children through animation and laser shows. When you combine those achievements with his commitment to sharing his Indian roots and bringing the East to the West, you have the formula for a fine Coloradan" 
-Governor Bill Ritter, Jr., State of Colorado, USA

"This fascinating book is about a man who made unparallel contributions to the skyline of the City of Denver through his electrical engineering and lighting design for over three decades. Books authored by him are used at universities to contribute to the careers of students and shape the future of our nation. But that is only a small part of the amazing world of his versatile creativity. Through his art and animation, he built a cultural bridge between East and West, introducing and enriching American children with the culture of India, and making us proud by raising the flag of USA above all nations through his accomplishments in laser art and shows. I am proud that much of his accomplishments took place during the twelve years of my tenure as the Mayor of the great City of Denver. I know Manick Sorcar will continue to make our City, the Country and India full of pride." 
-Wellington E. Webb, Former Mayor of Denver, USA

"In the world of laser displays, there are many producers and few true artists. Manick Sorcar definitely is in the leading ranks of laser artists....ILDA is fortunate to have Manick Sorcar gracing us with his work. India, America and the world are fortunate to experience the unique media of laser, through the vision of Manick Sorcar"
-Patrick Murphy, Executive Director, ILDA, USA
(Excerpts from his Foreword in the book)

"Manick is a rare species who can blend the highest form of Technology with the highest form of Art. In India, very few people knew about his achievements other than the excellent 'Laser, Animation and SorcarScope' shows presented by him...But now that we have the book by Roma Sur at hand, we have a kaleidoscopic view of the different facets of the Engineer-Artist Manick Sorcar...This splendid work by Roma Sur helps to recognize the magician of Art, Manick Sorcar, eldest son of the Jadusamrat (The legendary magician P. C. Sorcar)"
-Prof. Saswati Mazumdar, Illuminating Engineering,
Jadavpur Unversity, India


"This Sorcar did not need the wand. As an engineer, an author, an artist, a cartoonist, an animator and an expert in laser technology, he has done it all. He...hypnotizes the whole world without taking the magic wand in the hand; instead he delighted people by blending art and magic in a different way". .....................................................................................................-Hindustan Times, Kolkata, India


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