Art of Manick Sorcar

"Silhouette": Sorcar's Laser-Art.

Laser Art Exhibition:

After the success of the last two exhibits in September, by popular demand, Manick Sorcar's art show was held again on October 11 and 12, 2008, at his studio. This time it was predominantly for his laser art and was open to public.

The news found a place in the popular Colorado magazine 5280, October 2008 issue, where in a write up of freelance writer Roma Sur, it stated:

"LASER SHARP: Manick Sorcar is a businessman by day - CEO and president of Sorcar Engineering, Inc., the brains behind the lighting design for DIA's concourses - and artist , animator, and laserist by night. To create laser art, Sorcar sends a single traveling laser beam along a predetermined path, captures the image on camera, then prints the digital picture for a bold effect. Additional technology lets him create moving laser animations that interact with live characters on a stage. View Sorcar's digital laser art in his 2,500 square foot basement gallery in Arvada during his annual home art exhibit this month (October 11-12)".




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