Manick Sorcar wins his second "ILDA Artistic Award"

Manick Sorcar's "Reflection" won the "ILDA 2007 Artistic-Award" by receiving the First Place in international competition for best "Laser Photography". The announcement was made on March 27, 2008 by ILDA at their web site. (Photo and Copyright by Manick Sorcar Productions)

March 27, 2008, Florida, USA:

International Laser Display Association officially announced today, Manick Sorcar’s company LaserLight Magic, won the "ILDA 2007 Artistic-Award" for their entry "Reflection" in the category for best “Laser Photography”. There were a total of 100 entries from 21 companies from around the world in different categories. The international panel of judges unanimously selected Manick Sorcar's "Reflection" for the First Place in the Laser Photography category. The second place went to Laser Entertainment Srl of Italy, and third to Lightwave International of the USA. The trophy will be handed to Manick on September 10, 2008 at the 2008 ILDA Conference and award ceremony on board the Carnival Imagination, cruising the Eastern Caribbean from September 8 to 13.

The 2008 ILDA Annual Conference and the Award Ceremony will be held on board
the Carnival Imagination, cruising the Eastern Caribbean from September 8 to 13.

ILDA's awards for artistic and technical excellence, the industry's equivalent of Hollywood's Oscars, each year honor companies from around the world for artistic and technological achievement.

This is Manick Sorcar's second "ILDA Artistic Award". The first was for his "Enlightenment of Buddha" which won the "ILDA 2005 Artistic Award" at Rimini, Italy. In 2004 his "Dancing with My Soul" was a Finalist for ILDA Artistic Award - both of those were for "best use of laser on stage with live action". "Enlightenment of Buddha" was an extravaganza of dance, drama, magic in combination with various forms of intelligent lighting, life-size laser-animation and three dimensional laser effects in space. The story took the audience to 600 BC India, where a meditating Siddhartha Gautama (whom the world would later know as Lord Buddha) under a Banyan tree, remained undisturbed and attained enlightenment despite constant disruption from enemy Devaputra Mara and his string of bone-chilling, intimidating black magic. "Reflection" is a scene from Manick Sorcar's forthcoming stage production. This was his first entry in laser photography category, which won him the first place and the prestigious award.

Manick Sorcar shot to fame in early nineties for his first animation mixed with live action “Deepa & Rupa: A Fairy Tale From India”, which won the Gold Plaque at the Chicago International Film Festival. His other films, also based on fables from India, received world recognition by winning a series of prestigious awards at various international film festivals. Recognized as the cultural bridges between East and West, his animation films are popular at the elementary schools as well as at the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) TV stations, where on the New Year’s Day, they have been telecast consecutively for the last fourteen years in Colorado.

Last year, his animation films were the subject of a research paper for an American student’s bachelor’s degree in fine arts at the Savannah College of Fine Arts, Savannah, Georgia.

Manick is the author of several lighting design texts that are taught at universities and has a full-time job as the CEO and president of Sorcar Engineering Inc, which did the lighting designs for Denver International Airport, sport centres in Japan, Colorado Convention Center, and palaces for Saudi princes. By night, he is an artist and animator.

Manick Sorcar is the first Indian-American to receive the prestigious ILDA Artistic-award.

(Note: It became an international news within a very short time. To read the news coverage by Laser Focus World, the most popular laser magazine of the USA, click here.)


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