"Enlightenment of Buddha" Featured in U.S. Magazines

The news of ILDA artistic-award for Manick Sorcar's "Enlightenment of Buddha" spread like wild fire. Apart from numerous on-line newsmagazines and newpapers, it also found place in the printed media in various shapes - news-stories to blurbs. LaserFocusWorld and Tricycle, two popular magazines of USA, widely apart in their respective field of interest, found "Enlightenment of Buddha" equally fascinating . LaserFocusWorld (May, 2006), the international resource for technology and applications in the global photonic industry looked at the technical side of the lasers, while Tricycle (Fall, 2006), the Buddhist magazine, found the unique application of the cutting-edge technology as "21st Century Enlightenment". For complete story, click the following links:

A scene from "The Enlightenment of Buddha" (photo:SG)


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