Sorcar's Laser Show at the International Center, Broadmoor Hotel, Colorado Springs, USA

Scenes from Sorcar's laser show at the International Center, Broadmoor Hotel

October 2, 2004: Manick Sorcar's Laser Show was a highlight at the annual conference of the Smith Barney Citigroup, held at the prestigious International Center of the Broadmoor Hotel, Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA. His unique show was booked from New York, in order to bring a touch of laser-magic made with the 21st century cutting-edge technology. The show started at 7:30PM and ran through 11PM at the presence of twelve hundred people, who came to attend the three-day conference from around United States of America. Sorcar's show contained a variety of over-head laser effects such as beams, fan, tunnel, waves etc., in addition to projected custom-animated figures running in tune with a live concert group.

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