Manick Sorcar 2022 Art Show:
A Remarkable Event!

"My Bird of Paradise" (left) and 'Shy" (right) -
two of the dozens of laser art
from the 'Glimpses of Rural Bengal'



Images of 'Glimpses of Rural Bengal' got a lot of attention from the visitors.
"Thank you for the experience! We really enjoyed it and it is so great to learn your beautiful culture",
wrote a visitor in the Guest Book


'We simply didn't want to miss your show - we brought the whole family!!!'


There were visitors all over the art gallery admiring art pieces of different media
by Manick Sorcar


September 19, 2022, Arvada, Colorado, USA

As a part of the annual 'Arvada Art Studio Tour' (AAST), Manick Sorcar's long-awaited art show was held for two days (September 17, 18, 2022) at the Sorcar Art Gallery. As announced earlier, its highlight was first to watch the 'Glimpses of Rural Bengal, India in the laser art of Manick Sorcar', a 20 minute show of the actual laser art of the rural scenes that were projected on the screen, prior to visiting the art gallery. The event enjoyed a great success; attended by people, mostly from the city of Arvada and its neighborhood.

Like other years, Manick and his wife Shikha welcomed all guests and visitors upon their arrival at the art gallery. They were then directed to the adjacent Projection Room, where the laser show of the many activities starting from the 'Sun Prayer' ('Surya Pranam') to the 'Evening Prayer' ('Sandhya Pranam') ending with the divine sounds of the conch shell, awaited them. The effort was highly appreciated as this allowed visitors to be familiar with the theme 'Glimpses of Rural Bengal', prior to taking a tour of the art exhibition. Because of the continuous flow of visitors, the laser show was displayed back to back throughout the day, specially to meet the demand on the second day. Several of the artworks of Manick Sorcar were promptly collected by the admirers, which included replication of his laser art from the 'Glimpses of Rural Bengal', tile paint 'Reclining Buddha', digital art 'Staring at the Sky', newspaper collage on 'Mother Teresa', etc.

It is a pleasure to reproduce some of the comments written by the visitors in the Guest book:

"Thank you for the experience! We really enjoyed it and it is so great to learn your beautiful culture"

"Thank you for sharing your beautiful art gift with the world! It is an incredible gift from God..to preserve the ancient arts for all the world to see. I am humbled to be called 'friend' "

"Thank you - amazing art and laser show!"

"Wonderful show! I love documenting daily life - the art is so colorful and beautiful - so happy to have been able to come and enjoy"

"We are having such an amazing artist (and neighbors) just right up the street! Thank you for sharing your talent and passion with us"

"Amazing! Just like the two of you!! Thanks for the beauty you add to the world"

"We really appreciate your amazing talent"

"Eye opening experience and fabulous multimedia and culture"

The Sorcars sincerely thank all for their gracious presence at the art show and making it another most memorable event...

As announced earlier, the art show will continue to remain open through September 30, 2022, with prior reservation. For a personal tour of the indoor gallery, interesed parties must contact Manick Sorcar (info@manicksorcar.com/720-935-0465) ahead of time to schedule a visit, between 10 am to 6 pm.

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