Rural Bengal: A Series of Laser Art by Manick Sorcar


May 8, 2022

"I was born in Bengal, India. Nothing thrills me more than drawing folk arts of Bengal, particularly using the laser beam - the high-tech lighting of the 21st Century - as the medium and the painting brush. I enjoy mixing many of the folk arts with Alpana decoratives. To me, every object, every life that God has created is a form of art - we just have to open our eyes to find it and enjoy it"
- Manick Sorcar

Below is the collection of a few of the laser art of Manick Sorcar on rural Bengal theme. Many of these were introduced in his Facebook Art Page as a part of 'Glimpses of Rural India' that received unprecedented response from viewers. Stay tuned for future additions and announcement.



Morning starts with rooster's Cock-a-doodle-doo, birds' chirping and the ducks playing in the pond..



She gets busy with her daily chores...milking the cow, carry water from the well...


Washing pots and pans at the pond - to name a few...



...while the farmer gets busy farming, praying for rain:

"Gold-waves run in the soil, Sun becomes a flower -
When earth is all-drenched by the Monsoon-shower!



Life goes on with other villagers with their own professional activities...


In the evening she lights the oil lamp at the shrine praying to God to bless her family -
ending the day with the divine sound of the conch


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