The 2021 Art Show:
Another Memorable Event


(Top): "Ajanta Buddha and Bodhisattvas", acrylic on five ceramic-stone tiles,
(Bottom left) "Elephant on Bodhi Leaf"- a laser art,
(Bottom middle): "Bouquet of Flowers"- a laser art, and
(Bottom right): "Buddha on Bodhi leaf - a laser art

September 20, 2021, Arvada, Colorado, USA

Manick Sorcar's long-awaited art show was held for two days (September 18, 19, 2021) as a part of the annual 'Arvada Art Studio Tour' at the Sorcar Art Gallery. Its highlight was, first, to watch 'Ajanta Rocks: The Silent Witnesses', a 15 minute laser journey on the arts of Ajanta caves, India and then visit the art gallery. The event enjoyed a great success; attended by a stream of people, mostly from the city of Arvada and its neighborhood.

.............Some of the visitors at the Main Art Gallery of the art show

Manick and his wife Shikha welcomed all guests and visitors. Upon their arrival at the art gallery, they were directed to the adjacent Projection Room, where the laser show awaited them. The effort was highly appreciated as this allowed visitors to be familiar with the subject prior to taking a tour of the art exhibition. Because of the continuous flow of visitors, the 15 minute laser show was displayed back to back throughout the day, specially to meet the demand on the second day.


..........Visitors at parts of the gallery

Several of the artworks of Manick Sorcar were promptly collected by the admirers, which included Manick's original flagstone art 'Hope!', laser art on 'Bouquet of Flowers', 'Buddha on a Bodhi Leaf', 'Elephant on Bodhi Leaf', 'Ajanta Elephant Amidst Flowers', and several replication of other popular art items such as 'Lord Buddha and Bodhisattvas', 'Yum! It is My Nutty Day!!', 'Staring at the Sky', 'Smiling Flowers', 'Tulips', tile-collage art on 'Indian Drummers' and 'Break for Hairdo', the newspaper collage on 'Mother Teresa', etc.


"Hope!": A flagstone art ...

The Sorcars sincerely thank all for their gracious presence at the art show and making it a most memorable event.......

As announced earlier, the art show will continue to remain open through September 30, 2021, with prior reservation. For a personal tour of the indoor gallery, interesed parties must contact Manick Sorcar (info@manicksorcar.com/720-935-0465) ahead of time to schedule a visit, between 10 am to 5 pm.

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