Manick Sorcar Art Exhibition

"Geese in Ajanta Motif", a flagstone art

"Buddha and Bodhisattvas", 50"W x 24"H group-tile art - inspiration from Ajanta Caves

"Ajanta Elephant on a Bodhi Leaf": A laser art

"Dianthus Flowers", a flagstone art - inspiration from nature
and many more

When: September 18 - 30, 2021
Where: Sorcar Art Gallery
14565 W. 58th Pl., Arvada, CO 80004
Daily open: 10 am to 5 pm

This year's highlight:

"Ajanta Rocks: The Silent Witnesses",

(A 15 min. laser journey on the art of Ajanta Caves, India)
A variety of Manick Sorcar's painted arts on flagstones, tiles, placemats, papers, etc. and
Laser art pieces - all based on Ajanta and other general themes

1. September 18/19, 2021 (Saturday and Sunday) will be for the participation of the 20th Arvada Art Studio Tour (AAST), its members and general public. Open 10am to 5pm, no reservation required.

2. Other days, September 20-30, 2021 are open to public with prior reservation. For a personal tour of the indoor art gallery, please contact Manick Sorcar (720-935-0465 ph/text, or email at info@manicksorcar.com) ahead of time to schedule a visit, between 10 am to 5 pm.

Manick Sorcar warmly welcomes all to the art exhibition. Wearing a mask is recommended.


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