"THE WORLD OF MANICK SORCAR" - the mega-show Mesmerizes City of Denver, USA
"It seemed the audience did not want to leave - they wanted more of Manick's amazing production"

-Philippine/Asian American Times

Scenes from "The World of Manick Sorcar" at Denver, Colorado. The house was packed with 1200 people
On September 9, 2000, 4 to 6 pm, Manick Sorcar and his troupe of FIFTY artists performed at the Thomas Jefferson High School Theatre, Denver, Colorado, in a packed auditorium of 1200 people. Choreographed by Piya and Payal Sorcar, the show entitled "The World of Manick Sorcar: An Indian-American Extravaganza" enchanted the audience with music, dance, drama and magic integrated with spectacular laser animation and state-of-the-art lighting. Through several unique items, the audience was lifted from the auditorium to India depicting various periods and representing some of the historic events with magical charm. The show, which was the talk of the town, received rave reviews from all leading newspapers, and key people of the society.
"Magic, Music, Colors, Lights -- filled the Thomas Jefferson High School Auditorium as Manick Sorcar and his cast of 50 mesmerized the audience throughout the two hour show. It seemed the audience did not want to leave -- they wanted more of Manick's amazing production. Aside from his incredible laser fantasy of India Forever, Manick skillfully and artfully combined magic with traditional Indian dances, colorful props, wonderful cast. One has to see it to truly enjoy his unbelievable production.....It was truly amazing and fantastic!" said the Philippine/Asian American Times.
Sorcar's Laser Show
"He (Manick) envisioned the stage production that would use that kind of lighting (laser), alongside live actors and dances, all together in one show that would celebrate his heritage...Years ago, in his spare time, he had already conquered animation....For Sorcar, the son of Indian magician P.C. Sorcar, who grew up helping father prepare for performances worldwide, from vision to reality was just a matter of time" - Denver Post, CO, USA

A scene from "The World of Manick Sorcar" show in Denver
In a letter to Sorcar, Christina Monroe, Director of the Service Learning Program at the University of Colorado at Boulder wrote:
"I'm writing to express my sincere congratulations and utter awe for your September 9, 2000 performance in Denver, Colorado.

Two of my colleagues and I attended the performance, not sure what to anticipate beyond the impression given by your eye catching colorful posters. Certainly we were all happy surprised by the event! We drove to Denver from Boulder, Colorado, especially for the Saturday performance.

After finding a seat in an auditorium with standing-room-only, we sat and absorbed the whole event from laser introduction to the marvelous costumes to the intriguing music. You and your families' ability to integrate Eastern and Western cultures through dance, dress, and computer wizardry is a rare and beautiful gift. Our community is fortunate to have your influence and your demonstrated skills at getting hundreds of people involved in your vision.....Thank you for the exceptional entertainment, cultural light you shed in the community ...".

Mr. John H. Yee, Chairman of Denver (USA)-Kuming (China) Sister Cities Committee, (an Affiliate of Sister Cities International with Wellington Webb, Mayor of Denver, Honorary Chair) wrote "...Mr. Sorcar is also an extraordinary artist, (artist bio) a brilliant animator (animator bio) and remarkable stage show producer. His art shows carrying a theme of rural India, have always been highly educational and invaluable addition to the library of multi-cultural society...(his) stage shows, too, are highly entertaining and educational. In his last mega-show "The World of Manick Sorcar", I was much impressed with his artistic stage settings, and acts that were uniquely weaved with his laser animation. It was a two-hour Indian-American extravaganza where the wisdom of the East was beautifully combined with technology of the West...".

Packed with 1200 people, "The World of Manick Sorcar" was a fantastic success financially as well. Over $5,000 from the proceeds of the show was donated to Colorado Heritage Camps, Inc., a non-profit organization which serves as a post adoption resource and advocate for children and families with diverse heritages, and $500.00 to Thomas Jefferson High School, Denver, Colorado, where the show was held. The quality of the show didn't go unnoticed; the government of the City and County of Denver promptly booked Sorcar's show to be held at the prestigious 'Auditorium Theater' of Denver Center for Performing Arts (D.C.P.A.) on October 8, 2000.

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