“GANDHI: A Laser Journey" premiere at Ent Center for the Arts - a Grand Success!!

October 19, 2019, Colorado Springs:

“GANDHI: A Laser Journey”, the long awaited laser documentary on Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi enjoyed a thumping success at its premiere at the Shockley Zalabak Theatre, Ent Center for the Arts, University of Colorado Colorado Springs (UCCS), Colorado, USA.

(Left) Ent Center for the Arts, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs (UCCS), (Right) Front Entrance


Parts of the auditorium as it started getting filled


(Left) Dr. Venkat Reddy, Chancellor of University of Colorado Colorado Springs, introduces Manick Sorcar
and shakes his hand after giving the microphone to him. (Right) Manick Sorcar introduces the show in front of the
30ft wide x 10 ft high laser screens


(Above) "Salt March" performed by little children, walking from rear of the auditorium to the stage.
Gandhi picks up some salt from the ocean shore and breaks the British law, stating:
'This salt comes from the Indian ocean; every Indian has its rights'.


"The show consists of two parts", explained Manick, "The first part is the Salt March, a short live action in front of laser-animated roaring ocean in the background. We decided to have this live performance done by children so that they will be familiar with the history and take pride in the action. The second part is a non-stop, one-hour laser show on the life story of Gandhi starting from his childhood to his death. It was our goal to hold the history with the help of cutting-edge laser technology where the strong beam of light would be used as a harmless painting brush to draw images, draw moving animation, and create space effects evoking emotions".

And indeed it did. "Blending together engineering, artistry and laser technology, Manick Sorcar is successful in creating an inspiring show for all ages", wrote Dr. Venkat Reddy, UCCS Chancellor, in his review of the show (see below for the complete text).


Scenes from GANDHI: A Laser Journey: (Top) Gandhi in South Africa talking to some of the
Indians living there, (Middle) Gandhi in prison in India, and (Bottom) Women blow conches as they pray for Gandhi's success in his Salt March with followers to the coastal city of Dandy, 241 miles away from Ahmedabad, British India.

A review of the show by UCCS Chancellor


When Manick Sorcar and his wife Shikha came to the stage at the end of the show, they were received amidst bursting applause. Manick thanked all who participated in the show in various roles, particularly the little children who were involved in the "Salt March" at the beginning of the show, acting live in front of laser-animated ocean in the background.

Manick and Shikha amidst friends and admirers after the show

Some Comments from viewers....

"We wanted to compliment you for the wonderful laser show that you put together on the life of our dear MK Gandhi. We feel honored to be present in your premier performance. As I watched it, I was thinking of all the planning and organizing it would have taken to get it finally to this stage of presentation. Your talent and dedication is certainly commendable. In this journey, inch by inch you have covered thousands of miles (symbolically speaking) to reach your destination. The result is a magnificent show that public can enjoy...."
-Janet and Arun Budhiraja

"Manick, Congratulations on a flawless premier show - Gandhi: A Laser Journey! This esteemed show is a great tribute to Mahatma Gandhi on his 150th birthday. A captivating show from start to end portraying Gandhi's life changes from his birth to death. Every chapter of Gandhi's life brings different mood to the audience. Your laser projection brings Gandhi to life; here and now. It was mesmerizing to watch the magic of laser."
-Kumar Gadahad Rao

 "The laser show on Gandhiji was an eye opener for me, we studied about India 's independence in class 6, I think, but watching the facts unfold, the trials and tribulations Gandhiji and his followers went through to gain this hard earned independence was brought home to me! The laser show by Manickda depicted the struggles he went through, the music, narration , the voices were so well done, of course the images were great! All in all a wonderful production!!! Congratulations Manickda!!"
Mita Mukherjee



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