Street Musicians

January 11, 2019, Denver, Colorado:

There are some art pieces that you create for yourself, not for sale. For me, 'Street Musicians' is one of them.

'Street Musicians' is almost a life size scupture of a man and his wife walking down the street; he is playing the flute and she is playing the drum. I sculped this several years ago. First it was placed above bed in the master bedroom for our own enjoyment, later transferred to the high wall of the Great Room at people's request.

The inspiration for this unique art had come from a scene I had seen in the streets of Benaras, the great historic city of India, where I was studying electrical engineering at BHU, now IIT-BHU. I remember, he was playing a popular snake-charming music from a Bollywood film, while she played the 'dhol' or the drum. People stopped to hear the enchanting music and gave them money.
The scene touched my heart and remained in me. When I had the first opportunity to sculp in the USA, I decided on the 'Street Musicians' as it described a story. Despite handsome offers, I did not sell it. More so, because I do not know if I will have the patience to sculp another like this - specially with the media I used that was so unique and delicately fragile.

It was made with several industrial grade Styrofoam sheets (Thermocol) glued together, then carved with a knife.

-Manick Sorcar



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