"Brick-Child" Found a Home

September 23, 2017, Denver, Colorado:

I often affectionately called it ‘Brick on Brick', 'Smiling Bricks’ or 'Brick-Child'. It is a painting I did several years ago. An acrylic portrait of a child carrying bricks on his head, painted on slices of real bricks.

The inspiration for this unique art had come from a construction site near our home in Calcutta that I had seen during one of our many visits to India. At first, I was sad. But soon my heart caught up - the child was working out of necessity to supplement earning for the family. Dusts from bricks were all over his body, but they couldn't hide the faint smile on his face.
There are some artwork you do from your soul, for yourself. This was one of my favorites, never thought of selling the original.

When this American lady saw the painting at my studio, she stared at it for a long time and wanted to buy. I told her it was not for sale. She said she was in love with the painting on real bricks because it brought back memories of her deceased husband who was in brick manufacturing business all his life. "I would like to present it to my son for his birthday in his father's memories", she said in tearful eyes,"this will be the most ideal gift from his mother".

I told her I will sell it. She beamed. I packed it carefully with several layers of plastic-foams and carried it gently to her car. As she drove away, I waved my hand.

It was pleasing to see my brick-child found a loving home.

-Manick Sorcar



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