Speaker of the Colorado House of Representatives sends a
congratulatory note

Crisanta Duran, Speaker of the House,

August 11, 2017, Denver, Colorado:

It was a delight receiving the following letter by mail from Ms. Crisanta Duran, the honorable Speaker of the House, Colorado, State House District 5, regarding the 'Award of Merit' Manick Sorcar received from Accolade Global Film Competition, for his laser animation. "Beautiful Mess".

"Beautiful Mess" is a 6:26 minute animation about a man and his sketchbook full of wild scribbles. But underneath the messy scribbles remained the beautiful world from a beautiful mind that touched the heart of all viewers. The award news flashed all over the internet.


Manick Sorcar sincerely thanks Ms. Crisanta Duran for the surprise nice letter she cared to write amidst her very busy schedule. The kind words in it mean a lot to him and will remain a great source of inspiration for all his future projects.


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