"Rule of Twenty-one" on YouTube

A scene from Rule of Twenty-one. To watch the show, click the picture above.

The poet in a scene from Rule of Twenty-one (Ekushe Aine)

May 29, 2017, Denver, Colorado, USA:

Rule of Twenty-one (Bengali, subtitled in English), Sorcar's award-winning animation based on Ekushe-Aine, the popular nonsense verse of legendary humorous poet Sukumar Ray, was uploaded on YouTube today. To watch it, click the picture above.

What is captivating here is the rich transference of Ray’s words into the new medium of animation where Sorcar brings out the cinematic potential of the works by viewing the original context through the lens of his own sardonic humor, as he enlivens Ray’s words with a world of humorous visual details.


Rule of Twenty-one was premiered in India on December 21, 2002 as a part of Manick Sorcar's two-hour stage show "Sorcarama" at Uttam Mancha, Kolkata, where it received rave reviews from the press and media. In the USA, it was first telecast on the Rocky Mountain PBS Channel in 2003. Thereafter, it ran at the same channel continuously for 13 years in a row packaged with Sorcar's other animations, as a year-end or New Year's Day entertainment special.

On November 8, 2003, for its animation, Rule of Twenty-one received the Bronze Plaque at the 51st Annual Columbus International Film Festival, Ohio, USA.

The judge in a scene from Rule of Twenty-one (Ekushe Aine)

Manick Sorcar receives The Bronze Plaque for his animation "Rule of Twenty-One" from Lance Carwile,
Chair of Entertainment Division, 51st Columbus International Film Festival.


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