A Humble Present from An Admirer

A digital art by Mr. Rajat Kumar Dutta

August 14, 2014

The above artwork was done by Mr. Rajat Kumar Dutta of Kolkata, India, who sent it to Manick Sorcar as a token of love. Mr. Dutta has been an admirer of Manick ever since he had witnessed Sorcar's show at Mahajati Sadan, Kolkata in December, 2012. At that time, he had written the following comment on Sorcar's facebook:

Amader prio Manick babu,

ahajati sadan e kaal aapnar darun show dekhechi. Aaro valo legeche, show er sese aamader kaache ese haath melalen, aamar sangeo haath melalen, je haath diye aapni laser anklen. U r a great laser artist. Thank you. Valo thakben r aamader aananda deben.

Rajat Duta

Time has passed. Two years later when Manick went to India to display "Swamiji" at the Ramakrishna Mission, Belur Math, it was watched by a stupendous 15,000 people. One of them was Mr. Rajat Kumar Dutta.

After the show he came to meet Sorcar backstage and said what he saw "was not a laser show; it was laser magic!".

Manick Sorcar thanks Mr. Dutta for the beautiful gift.


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