Memorable Moments from New York Show:
Blessings From a Monk

(Top) A scene from "Swamiji" in laser <Photo: MSP>. (Above) A portion of the packed auditorium at
Community Center, Flushing, New York. People stood at the back unable to find seats <Photo:- Jay Mandal/On Assignment>

Manick Sorcar Productions group taking a bow <Photo:- Jay Mandal/On Assignment>

A humble present from SEWA International New York branch in recognition of the outstanding laser show,
handed by Jagadish Sewhani to Manick <Photo:- Jay Mandal/On Assignment>


-Blessings from a monk-
Manick Sorcar received the above letter from Swami Paritushtananda
of the historic Vedanta Society of New York. It was dated 'Vijaya 2013' (October 14, 2013)


Swami Paritushtananda of the Vedanta Society of New York with the group.
From left, Kishor Malik, Ashok Vyas, Jagadish Sewhani, Varun Malik, Manick Sorcar, Prabir Roy, Swami Paritushtananda,
Shikha Sorcar, Shipra Roy, Radheshyam Dwivedi, Rajesh Shukla, and Renu Malik
<Photo:- Jay Mandal/On Assignment>


Interview by Ashok Vyas for a New York TV Channel
<Photo:- Jay Mandal/On Assignment>

The blessings from Swami Paritushtananda is of special meaning to the Sorcars. He is from the Vedanta Society of New York, the very first Vedanta Society founded by Swami Vivekananda in November of 1894.

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