"Swamiji" Conquers Atlanta

(Left) Historic Rialto Center for the Arts, Georgia State University, Atlanta where "Swamiji" the laser show took place,
(Right) Exhibition on Swamiji.
(Photos by Ballary Productions)

People start gathering at the lobby and box office at the Rilto Centre
(Photos by Ballary Productions)

September 28 , 2013, Saturday, Atlanta, Georgia:

The wave of success of "Swamiji", the laser show on Swami Vivekananda by Manick Sorcar, that started a year ago in India is rocking the U.S. with its bright presence and heart-felt acceptance. The high-tech tribute to the philosopher-monk that is on a 3-month show tour across the U.S., arrived in this capital and largest city of the State of Georgia and won the hearts of the Atlantans.


Manick and the group on the stage (Photos by Ballary Productions)

The event was started at 5:00 pm by the Atlanta Chapter of SEWA International, where they displayed video projection of SEWA's goal, accomplishments, and gave speeches before introducing Manick Sorcar and handing him the wireless microphone to take over.

Amidst a roar of welcoming applause, Manick thanked SEWA International USA for giving the opportunity to perform in Atlanta as well as other cities of the ongoing tour across the country. "SEWA International is a non-profit organization devoted to humanitarian services. The soul's satisfaction is in service, and to serve mankind is a service to God", said Manick, "Tonight's show is a perfect match to that theme as will be evident in the life story of the itinerant philosopher-monk".

"Swamiji" show started with a Sanskrit prayer to the Holy Trio, followed by "Vandana", a laser-live group-dance based on a composition of Swami Vivekananda, which set the overture to the main item, the laser documentary on the great monk. The unique 1.5 hour show, which was attended by people of all demographics ranging from little children to senior citizens, kept the audience pin-drop silent and spellbound for the entire length.

The Sorcar group is felicitated by the SEWA International, Atlanta Chapter (Photo by Ballary Productions)

A thunder of applause greeted the Sorcar group when they came on stage to take a bow after the show. The group was felicitated by the officials of Atlanta Chapter of SEWA with flowers and plaques. Many strangers came up on the stage to greet Manick for the 'wonderful show', and the frenzy continued at the auditorium when he along with his wife Shikha came down to shake hands with awaiting admirers, and give a several-minute live-interview to TV-Asia. To the last question of the reporter "Do you have any message to the viewers, Mr. Sorcar?" Manick said, "I will share one secret with the viewers, if they find it useful. The success of this show and whatever little I have accomplished in my life is because of one message of Swamiji, "Arise, awake, and stop not till the goal is reached". .

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The following news appeared as the headline on "NRI Plus", Online E-Paper on October 11, 2013:

Sorcar’s Laser Show Beams Swami Vivekanada to Life; Raises Funds for Sewa


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