Winning Stream Continues: “Swamiji” Conquers Baroda, Gujarat

Publicity poster used by the RKM Vivekananda Memorial at Vadodara, Gujarat

January 2, 2013, Vadodara, Gujarat:

An unforgettable day at the Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda Memorial at Vadodara (formerly Baroda), Gujarat. “Indeed a historical day for us”, said Swami Nickileswarananda, Secretary of Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda Memorial, “in order to meet the demand of the popular show we had to show it twice on January 2”. For Manick , the news was a double-sweet, “ It was only yesterday, the people of America welcomed the New Year by watching my Indian animation on television in the morning. Here, at Baroda, on the second day of the New Year we are displaying the laser documentary on Swami Vivekananda two times in a row to keep up with the public demand”, said a jubilant Manick.

The venue was the historic Sir Sayjirao Nagargruh, Akota, Vadodara. The first show started at 6 pm, with a lamp lighting ceremony by Dr. Jyoti Padya., the honourable Mayor of Vadodara. The Mayor and Manick Sorcar, both were felicitated with flowers by Swami Nikhileswarananda prior to the show. The second show started at 8 pm. Both shows enjoyed a packed house.

In their website they announced:

Dear Friends,

We are glad to inform you that as a part of the 150th anniversary celebration of Swami Vivekananda, we have organised a Laser Show on Swami Vivekananda on January 2, 2013 from 6.00 pm. to 7.30 pm. at Sir Sayajirao Nagargruh, Akota, Vadodara.  The innovative documentary has been prepared by USA based Shri Manick Sorcar, son of the Legendary Magician P.C. Sorcar.

The Entry cards will be available against the donation coupons of Rs.1000/-, Rs. 500/-, and Rs. 200/- for general public and Rs. 100/- (only for students). Please contact our Ashrama office immediately for enrolment.
(Office hours: 9 am to 12.00 noon and 3.30 pm. to 6.00 pm.).

With namaskar and best wishes,

Yours in the Lord,
(Swami Nikhileswarananda)
Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda Memorial,Vadodara

The show was so successful and in such a great demand that it needed to be displayed twice in a row with an hour resting period inbetween.

In their website/facebook, Divya Gupta Jain (one of the spectators) wrote:

"Last night watched this Laser Show on Swami Vivekanand at Sir Sayajirao Nagargruh, Akota, created and presented by Mr. Manick Sorcar (Son of famous Magician Late Mr. P.C. Sorcar). It was wonderfully prepared documentary with use of B&W rare pictures of Swami Vivekanand and narration of his story through pictures created with lasers on black screen in completely dark room. The entire 90 minutes show is conceived as a pure, educational, entertaining, and magical experience for the entire family. They have started it with Bhajan paying unique homage to the Holy Trio, Sarada Devi, Ramakrishna and Vivekananda by dance.

This innovative extravaganza starts with black and white original images from the pages of an old picture book where the audience visits famous scenes from the 1893 Columbian Exposition in Chicago before arriving at the Columbus Hall of the Art Institute. There, Swami Vivekananda gives his famous speech at the Parliament of Religions, whose opening line produced a standing ovation that lasted over two minutes. As his message of religious tolerance is carried out and white doves are seen flying from the roof of the Art Institute, the pages flip back to the front page as the black and white images come to live in colorful laser lines and three-dimensional visual effects to narrate the story from the beginning – all through the medium of the state-of-the-art lighting technology.

Overall tremendous, one should really watch if get opportunity".

Some of the comments reproduced from manick Sorcar's facebook:
  • Himanshu Kothari:
    Dear Sri Manick Sorcar,

    Namaskar and greetings.
    Your laser show was very impressive. The audio-visual effect created when Sri Thakur touches Naren with his feet and the world starts melting in front of his eyes only to scare him (Just like Arjuna was scared with the Vishva-rupa darshan of Sri Krishna) . It was stupendous and we in the audiance got goose-bumps. You might do well to add more such effects to improvise .

  • Rajesh Kesrala: Was really impressive
  • Jyoti Hathi: Great show; good job
  • Manoj Vyas: Really awakening in present situation
  • Prafulla Sabale: Where is the next show in gujarat, let me know please........
  • Priya Bansal: Was a wonderful show sir!! enjoyed it.. :)

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