Laser Animation Classes at Jadavpur University
Run Full Speed

Manick Sorcar explaining the many aspects of a beam table and other devices associated with a laser projector at the second session, on November 21, 2012 (Photo by JU)

November 22, 2012, Wednesday, Jadavpur University, Kolkata, India.
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Laser animation courses at Jadavpur University continue to run full speed. Today was the third session with Manick Sorcar as the instructor, who initiated the course last year at the Illumination Engineering and Electrical Engineering division of Jadavpur University. The second session took place a day earlier on November 21, where art and animation aspects of this course were covered. In today’s session he explained and demonstrated how a computer programming was used to build animation frames, scenes, and eventually, a show.

(Left) On third session, November 22, 2012 with the students of Laser Animation for Art, Animation and Entertainment (Photo by JU). (Right) Another scene with enthusiastic students at the third session. They were graduate and post-graduate M. Tech students of Illumination Engineering. (Photo by JU)

Each student was given the opportunity to create their own animation character on computer, digitize it, and load it for laser projection. The event was of special significance to the students and the university as it was the very first laser animation class-project where the students jointly created a show of their own. The session ran for 3 hours.

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