Captured by a German Photographer

September 10, 2011, Colorado, USA

Manick Sorcar was visited by Christoph Müller, a freelance photographer of Stuttgart, Germany who spent hours capturing Manick's activities at his home and art studio. "I will be most honored if your pictures are going to be included in my exhibition"
, said Mr. Müller, who is travelling the USA and stopped at Denver for a session with Manick. He is getting ready for his upcoming photography exhibit in Stuttgart.

Manick Sorcar with Christoph Müller


When Art becomes Magic: (black and white photo by
Christoph Müller)

Siesta: A resting moment during spice art
(photo by Christoph Müller)

Rays of Hope : (
photo by Christoph Müller)


Christoph 's strong passion for interesting people, architecture and places led him to travel often between Russia and Europe. "I am interested in capturing authenticity and avoid retouching the photos, gathering the conditions to create any effects in the moment of taking the picture", he said. Manick Sorcar wishes his exhibit a grand success.

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