A Special Show for IPHE and IWWA,
Kolkata, India

March 28, 2011, Salt Lake, Kolkata, India

Manick Sorcar had the privilege of doing a special show organized by Kolkata Centers of the Institution of Public Health Engineers (IPHE), India, and Indian Water Works Association (IWWA). The venue was the prestigious Eastern Zonal Cultural Center (EZCC) in Salt Lake, West Bengal, owned by the Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India. The show was specifically for the families and friends of their members.


(Left) 'Purbashree Auditorium" at the Eastern Zonal Cultural Center, (Right) People started gathering at
the beautiful exterior mall of the cultural center

Prior to the show, Manick was greeted with flowers on stage by Mr. Prabir Kr. Dutta, Chairman,
IPHE and IWWA, Kolkata Center. On left is Tarun Kr. Dutta, Secretary, IPHE Kolkata Center

A scene from "The Sage & the Mouse", winner of the Gold Medal, New York International Film Festival

Scenes from laser-live extravaganza

A scene from "Rule of Twenty One" (Abol Tabol), winner of the Bronze Plaque, Columbus Int'l Film Festival

The show was designed for the entire family, from little children to their grandparents. While animations from The Panchatantra and Sukumar Ray's Abol Tabol left children of all ages giggling, the adults enjoyed a feast of color through dance-drama-magic, interweaved with laser animation of the cutting-edge technology.

A packed house with captivated audience

Scenes from the show: live action weaved with laser

Manick thanked all participants including the electricians, light men, sound-engineers,
and all that were involved in making the show a grand success

Frenzy continued long after the show was over. There was so much crowd in the stall to purchase animation CDs
and other products of Manick Sorcar, that his wife Shikha and some of the parents of group members
had to help in its control

"This one is for my grandson", said one gentleman, "sign for him on the CD, please!"
"We have never experienced a show like this before, where art meets science in such a unique way" were
the general comments.

Another special night, another special show for the special family members of the IPHE and IWWA,
Kolkata Center. The smiling faces of the audience made it memorable forever.

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