Muse of Murmur

Book Cover: "Muse of Murmur: Art & Poetry Ensemble"

New Delhi, India

Muse of Murmur: Art & Poetry Ensemble - 2009 is a classic production of Shahar Dilli Publication, edited by Subroto Bondo and the Guest Editor is Keshav Malik. The 369 pages tome has poetry and artwork from key contributors from throughout India, and the long-awaited unique publication was finally released in December 2010. The book is a tribute to Rabindra Nath Tagore.



Some of the laser art of Manick Sorcar that were featured in the book: clockwise from top left: "Love", "Pursuit" and Trap"

The large size book featured a total of 16 artists and 26 poets. Manick is humbled to join a list of well-known artists including A. Ramachandran, Ramkumar, Sakti Burman, Satish Gujral and Calcutta-photo journalist Subrata Patranabis. Manick was introduced in the "In Conversation" section, followed by two pages of interview. Four of his laser arts were published in the book.

'Muse of Murmur' is  procured in bulk mainly by the libraries of the Universities, Cultural Centers, Indian Embassies abroad, U.S. Library of Congress, Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR),  prime art-galleries et al, in India and abroad. In India, the book sales for Rs. 1500.00 at Oxford Bookstores around the nation.




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